Hilarious, Horrible Things Men Have Said in the Delivery Room


We love the men in our lives, but sometimes they don’t have a lot of tact. I think it’s because our brains work differently. It’s no wonder it feels like we’re from different planets sometimes! In any case, it makes for some awkward situations. When you’re in labor, your man has no idea what you’re going through. There’s no telling how he’ll react, but hopefully he doesn’t say anything these men said in the delivery room!

This article from the Baby Center features a bunch of stupid things dads have said while their partners were in labor. In one story a mother announced it was time to go to the hospital and her clueless husband asked if she’d had any contractions yet. Another asked if there was time to go home and shower, as if labor was predictable.

One husband had the nerve to complain to his wife that he was uncomfortable on the cot he was resting on. Really, you’re trying to get pain sympathy when your wife is in labor?

Come on, guys – think before you speak!

Read the full article here: 19 shockingly stupid things said by men in the delivery room

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