Green Ideas for Your Home This Spring

Moms have a tough job. You work hard and take care of others, and if you’re a green-minded mom you’re taking care of the planet, too. If you’re just getting into the eco-friendly lifestyle or you’re feeling overwhelmed with the amount of work it might take, don’t worry. Little changes make a big difference!

This article featured at Organic Sunshine lists five ways you can green up your home and help the planet this spring. You can start by making little changes, such as deciding to stop buying paper towels, plates, and other single-use items. Buy what you can locally, and start keeping a compost pile.

Laundry is a never ending task for anyone with a baby, but not running a load unless it’s full will help conserve water and electricity. It might mean you need a larger stock of cloth diapers, but it’s worth the savings (both the planet and your pocketbook!).

Read the full article here: 5 Earth-Friendly Ways to Green Your Home

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