Goodnight Lad – The New Age of Children’s Books

Technology is part of almost every aspect of our lives – we’re living in a future our grandparents could only dream of. Now our children are being introduced to technology at younger ages. The book and app combination Goodnight Lad has taken the bedtime story reading experience to an entirely new level with interactive, animated augmented reality. Incredible!

The book looks like a regular children’s story book, but it virtually comes to life through your Android or iOS device’s screen when you hover it over the pages. It works from every angle. Animations are interactive and respond to the touch of the screen. If you could bring this back in time 100 years, people would think it was magic.

A Kickstarter has been funded twice over for the book and app combination with plenty of time left to go, so if you want in on a really unique and fun way to introduce your kids to technology you have to check this out!

Read the full article here: Goodnight Lad

(The kickstarter linked in the original article is not correct. This is the updated link: Goodnight Lad Kickstarter)

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