30,000 feet in the air, fly a family trip like you just don’t care!

You’re at the airport. You’re happy to know you’re finally going on that airplane trip you’ve been planning all year long for the coming holidays. You slaved over hours of over-time and putting away extra cash to make sure your children get the best possible experience you can afford, and then suddenly… Little Johnny forgot his favorite stuffed animal at home, and little Cindy can’t go an hour or two without wasting a few diapers! What are you to do? You can’t falter now! Panic doesn’t overcome you, because in the back of your head, you say, “Not a chance!” You were smart enough to envision and foresee this family trip; you packed a few extra diapers in your carry-bag and a back-up toy of Little Johnny’s second favorite toy. Mom to the rescue!

Follow more simple steps towards a smoother, more enjoyable vacation, here: Smart Family Boarding Strategies.  Happy flying!


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