Fathers Share Their Childbirth Perspective

Childbirth is an incredible experience, but most of the time all the attention is on mom and baby. Of course that makes sense – we’re the ones in pain and going through the motions to bring new life into the world, but the fathers in the room have a valid perspective too!

In this entertaining and true to life article from the Baby Center, dads recall their personal thoughts and feelings during their partner’s labor and birth. Some were fascinated by the process, while others preferred to stay on the other side of the curtain. Newborns look weird, and it’s pretty messy down there!

A feeling of helplessness at being unable to do anything while their partners labored was also a very common theme, and one dad even sounded upset that no one was there to support and reassure him that everything was okay.

I wonder if there is more that can be done to make sure dads’ needs are also taken care of, or should they be expected to suck it up and just be there for their partner?

Read the full article here: What dads are really thinking during their kids’ births

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