Don’t mess with a pregnant lady’s food! It might make her cry

Hormones play a huge role in pregnancy. They take over your body and make it grow a baby, with weird side effects like bigger boobs, “pregnancy brain” and the manipulation of your mood. Sometimes the smallest thing can cause a waterfall to burst from your face, and interestingly it often involves food.

This article by Whitney Barthel at the Baby Center lists 20 silly reasons pregnant women have had a mortifying meltdown.

One mom-to-be was looking forward to a root beer float, but the place they intended to go was too busy, and she cried because the place they went didn’t have them. Another pregnant woman lost it because a coworker ate her pizza. That’s totally tear-worthy in my book!

Sometimes the emotions erupt out of seemingly nothing at all. If you have tender emotions while you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, don’t worry too much about it. It seems like it’s just par for the course!

Read the full article here: 20 silly things pregnant ladies cry over

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