DIY Toddler Painting Idea

There’s nothing like a pretty piece artwork to brighten up a room. Why bother buying an expensive painting when you’ve got a little artist in your home already? Kids love to play with paint (and get it everywhere), so strip your toddler down to his diaper, lay some newspaper or plastic on the floor, and let him paint you a masterpiece!

This tutorial from Lay Baby Lay shows one way you can do this using a plywood board, square dowels, and acrylic paint. If you don’t want to go through the extra work of painting the board and nailing in the dowel frame, you could just buy a ready-to-hang canvas and let your little one have at it – no prep work or framing required.

Acrylic paints are perfect for the task because they dry quickly. Give your baby one color at a time and give each layer time to dry before moving to the next. There’s no reason you can’t get involved and paint together on the same canvas – if your baby will let you!

Read the full article here: DIY Toddler Art Piece

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