DIY Chemical-Free Organic Easter Egg Dye

Egg-dying is an Easter tradition going back centuries, but the dyes and decorations they used back then were much more natural than the chemicals used in egg dyes today. You can make your own organic dyes at home with household ingredients and food, and it’s a fun, colorful project. Your kids can help!

This article from Green & Clean Mom shows you how it’s done. You actually hard boil the eggs in the dye on the stove top, so unless you have a pan for each burner you can only do so many colors at a time.

First water and white vinegar go in the pots. Then you follow a handy chart that shows you what food ingredients you need to add and in what amounts. Add the eggs and heat ’em up!

Beets, blackberries and berry herbal tea make pink. Swap the blackberries out for red cabbage and grape juice for purple. Gold only requires a few tablespoons of turmeric, and a little saffron makes yellow.

Read the full article here: Eco-Friendly DIY Easter Egg Dye

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