Diaper University

If you’re a new parent or are about to become a new parent congratulations! It’s going to be quite a ride filled with lots of ups, a few downs, and the occasional bit of sleep here or there. Also poop. I’m not being immature there, your life is going to have a lot more poop in it than it did before. Yes, you’re baby is practically a poop factory, so knowing the practical side of changing diapers is important.

First you need to make sure that a changing is what’s necessary. It’s usually pretty obvious by smell, sight, or touch you ought to be able to tell, but you want to check first to make sure they aren’t just hungry (sometimes it’s both though). You need to be well equipped as well. Keep a changing mat with you as well as wipes and two diapers. Never just one. Always at least two.

Also, have an old towel or rag around just in case. Why? Well, some may argue that all that digestive fury wasn’t meant to be contained by something as flimsy as a diaper.

For more great diaper changing tips, as well as a how-to video, check out a great article here: How to Change A Diaper.

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