The dangers of children’s toothpaste

Traditionally consumers have had a lot of trust in product regulations that determine what goes on store shelves, but now people are more aware of what actually goes into the things we use and consume and are realizing they’re not as safe as we thought. As a mom it’s especially important to monitor labels and know exactly what’s in food and products our children use, and unfortunately many toothpastes targeted toward kids could be toxic and dangerous.

This post at Nature Moms Blog talks about the unscrupulous ingredients found in common grocery store toothpastes marketed toward kids, such as red dye #30 and blue #1 lake, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), and Carrageenan. Even fluoride can be toxic, and with toothpastes made to taste good for kids the possibility of overconsumption is real and worrisome.

Thankfully there are brands of natural and safe toothpastes available that are great for kids listed in the blog post as well. Always read labels and research ingredients!

Read the full article here: Toxic Toothpaste for Children

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