Cloth Diapers are Awesome!

Resized_23867293_s_colorMaking the change (haha, get it?) to cloth diapers is a great idea because you’ll save money and you won’t be contributing to a global garbage problem. If you’ve never used them before you might be confused as to where to start. Maman Loup’s Den has all the information you’re looking for!

Cloth diapers are no longer just square pieces of fabric you wrap around your baby’s bottom and secure with safety pins. They’ve come a long way, and now they’re available in all sorts of colors, patterns and styles. Check out the big selection here at Thanks Mama! You can start your child on cloth diapers at any time, and if you’re already using disposables, consider starting out with cloth during the day and disposables at night until you’re comfortable using them.

You’ll want to start out with a couple dozen diapers so you don’t run out between laundry days. The initial cost of cloth diapers might seem like a lot, especially when you’re buying that many, but they’re an investment worth making because you’ll actually save money in the long run (and you won’t be hauling nearly as many bags of stinky garbage).

If you’re expecting, ask for cloth diapers for your baby shower!

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