Clearing Up Cold And Flu Season

There are a lot of myths surrounding colds and flus. Many remedies people swear by simply aren’t true, while many that really work get ignored. Thankfully we’ve got some of the leading myths dispelled for you here.

Ginger ale does not sooth stomachs. You may be thinking, what? Of course it does. But it really doesn’t. All the sugar in it is awful for a sour stomach and could make things worse. Actual ginger root is good, however. Sugar, in fact, is never really the answer, and that means that sports drinks and apple juice aren’t great answers for common cures either. Apple juice can make sore throats and sour stomachs worse, while sports drinks contain so much sugar and so many kinds of salts that they could do more harm than good when it comes to hydration.

Also, temperature is not the most important thing to keep track of with a sick kid. Yes, it is up there, but making sure they stay hydrated is just as important as monitoring fevers.

For more myth busting when it comes to cold and flu season, see here: Cold And Flu Myths.

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