Comfort for Your Little One With LoungeBuddies

Project Nursery writer Halley Meadows interviewed Ali Wright, Senior Design Manager for Comfort & Harmony, to talk about her new line of LoungeBuddies. LoungeBuddies, available on Amazon, are animal-themed pillows that are great for babies to support themselves during tummy time. Wright explains that these pillows can be used for years to come as something […]

A New Era At Thanks Mama

New Beginnings!  It’s a theme that certainly resonates with the nature of our business.  It’s also one that we all experience over and over again in one respect or another as we navigate through this wonderful journey of life. At Thanks Mama, we are experiencing a very exciting new beginning of our own that we […]

Brilliant Tips and Tricks For Easier Baby Laundry

Pregnant Chicken blog readers wrote in to share their best tips and tricks for dealing with baby laundry. To speed up the drying process, use wool dryer balls. Keep small items from disappearing into the abyss with laundry bags. Diaper sprayers that are used with cloth diapers work great on clothing as well. A mixture […]

How To Survive Air Travel While Pregnant

Flying can be hectic and exhausting under normal circumstances, but add in being 8 months pregnant and it’s downright stressful. Fortunately, this mom-to-be came prepared. Before flying, she cleared everything with her doctor and purchased the recommended compression stockings. She packed plenty of snacks and made sure to get up and walk around. A comfortable […]

Flavorful Zero Calorie Drinks Perfect for Summer

Looking for a drink that is packed with flavor to replace your soda habit? Want to keep your kids hydrated while staying away from high calorie, sugary drinks? Cascade Ice has come out with five new flavors that will keep everyone hydrated and happy. Cascade Ice is lightly carbonated with just the right amount of […]

The Truth About Food Labels

A poll was conducted by Lake Research Partners to see how moms feel about GMOs and product labeling. Considering that moms are so concerned about the chemicals their kids are exposed to, the results are not surprising. 70% of moms are less likely to buy products from a company who actively tries to block access […]

BabyCenter Mom Feed App Offers Mobile Support

Get personalized, relevant information about parenting on your mobile device with the BabyCenter Mom Feed app, available on iTunes. This app offers words of encouragement when you need them most, along with community discussions and advice. You will also have access to trending topics and blog topics depending on your child’s age of development such […]

The Battle of the Bathtub

When your child goes from playing nicely in the bathtub to running away in tears at the sound of the B-word, you’ll likely wonder how you will make it through this phase with a clean kid. The good news is that they eventually snap out of it. The bad news is that until then, they’ll […]

Device Monitoring For Your Little Ones

You know you’re going to be stuck in the car for a long time, so you hand your child the phone or iPad with the Kids’ YouTube app. With the great free app, eKavach, you can limit the time your child spends on any given app and filter searches so they can only access age-appropriate […]

Don’t Leave Daddy in the Dark Without a Book

You’ve spent months reading books about pregnancy and parenting and there are so many to choose from. A first-time mom-to-be asked Alpha Mom if she had any recommendations for fathers-to-be. The two recommended books are “The Expectant Father” and “Your Pregnancy for the Father-to-Be.” She also suggested passing along any useful information that you come […]