Is your child ready for potty training?

No child potty trains the same way, and you’ll see different time estimates and opinions everywhere you look. However, there are some signs to look for that will let you know your child is ready. If they show curiosity about the bathroom and toilet and are interested in learning how things work, they could be […]

These babies have no idea how cute they are when they’re sleeping

When kids aren’t crying or laughing or running around squealing like piglets, they’re snoozing. That’s why sleeping babies are so beautiful – it’s a huge contrast! Check out these adorable photos of babies who have fallen asleep in the strangest positions. Some of them have me wondering how that’s even remotely comfortable, while others are […]

Underprivileged Schools

It may not be a magnet school or a niche school, or a private school or a public school where scores are higher, but it’s really about the type of support and attention from the concerned parents that nurture and create the school. One mother sends her children to a local school, where the test […]