How to work at home with kids and not go completely insane

Working at home sounds like a great idea. You get to spend all kinds of bonding time with your children while bringing in extra income that doesn’t need to go to daycare costs. Unfortunately the reality is a little more complex, because time management can be a struggle. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by a messy house, unable to spend quality time with your partner, and worried about your kids watching too much TV while you’re working at home, these tips might help.

Your family is growing! Follow these tips for buying a new car

If your family is expanding, that fun little sports care you’ve been driving since college might not be enough anymore. It could be just the right time to buy a new vehicle to haul everyone around. Before you do, consider these tips. First, test drive the car with your whole family to see how it […]

Get active and stay healthy with your family

When you have kids, your life changes in monumental ways. Remember all that free time you used to have? Now that’s filled with feeding babies, cleaning, cooking and all the other joys of a domestic life. How do you find time for things like exercise? How do you make sure you and your family stay healthy? Since chasing your toddler around the house doesn’t quite cut it, I have a few tips for you.

Help others by helping yourself

You’re an awesome mom. You take care of everyone – your kids, your husband, your pets, your parents and your friends. You work hard to make sure everyone has what they need, but it’s time to focus a little attention on someone who probably doesn’t get nearly enough of it – YOU.

Handy tips and ideas for organizing your nursery

New mothers are often overwhelmed with the amount of baby items they accumulate during their first year, and organizing all that stuff can be challenging! Check out these tips to keep every book and onesie in its place. Organizing clothing by size or age in individual boxes inside a dresser drawer is a fantastic idea. […]