The Magic of Pretend Play

Imagination is what distinguishes us a species from the rest of life on Earth.  Being able to predict outcomes and cooperate with many people at a time is one of our most valuable qualities.  Psychologists may attribute this quality to developing what’s known as a Theory of Mind.  We encourage you to learn about this […]

Last Minute DIY Halloween Costumes

It’s that time of year again. The trees are changing, you’ve been apple picking and taken foliage hikes with the family, but you’ve completely forgotten about Halloween! Don’t worry Thanks Mama is here to help! Instead of going to the nearest pop-up Halloween store and spending an absurd amount of money on costumes you’ll get one wear […]

Introducing NUNA

We all know baby gear can be pretty unattractive, but hey, if it’s keeping your kid safe and doing the job, who cares? Nuna cares! They are a chic and innovated baby brand whose main goal is to create baby gear that you don’t want to hide. Using Dutch techniques, Nuna creates strollers, car seats, high […]

Tech Tips For Parents

Technology is everywhere these days.  There are many competing theories about what to use and how often to use them, but we’re going to keep it pretty simple here with just a few tech tips that may help save you some coin and use your existing devices to their full potential. IP Cameras vs Baby […]

Top 5 Apps for Kids!

There are loads of apps out there for kids and more coming all the time.  Here’s a short list of some great ones that you can let your kids use and not feel too guilty about.   Stack the States – Google Play Store, iTunes App Store While there is always a strong case for the […]

Top 14 Apps for Parents!

Mobile devices are powerful, versatile tools that can be a real help to both parents and kids.  We’ve compiled some of our favorite applications for you to peruse.  So take a look and let us know what you think in the comments.  We’re pretty proud of ourselves!    1.   Sprout – Google Play Store, […]

10 Picture Books to Read Aloud to Young Children

  Books! The undisputed, undeniable, heavyweight champion of all educational and bonding experiences wrapped up in one beautiful package.  In a world full of tablets and mobile devices that have in large part obviated the medium for adults, books for children have never been more desirable or useful.  They’re affordable, essential and one of the […]

Top Baby Proofing Tips

Some of the biggest lifestyle changes when having a baby are involved in home life.  How and when you eat, sleep and entertain yourselves all need rethinking.  While your child won’t get into too much mischief for the first few months, it’s never too early to get your living space setup for baby’s rapid ascent to […]

Traveling with Tots

Traveling with kids can be paralyzingly difficult.  Whether trying to show off your newborn to your Alaskan Aunt Abbey or taking the kids on your first family vacation, there are loads of stress-inducing decisions to make in preparation for such events.  We’ve put together some words to live by when traveling with your young ones. […]