Can someone be addicted to pregnancy?

Pregnancy addiction is an interesting concept. Some mothers are overwhelmed with one child and can’t imagine having three or four (or more), while other mothers love having babies and enjoy the benefits of a large family despite the hardships. But can a woman be addicted to having children?

Chaunie Brusie addresses this topic over at Babble. She was accused of being addicted to pregnancy after writing about how she’s sad to leave her childbearing years behind. She expressed her love for babies in a deep, meaningful way, and she was attacked for it – accused of being addicted to pregnancy, destroying the earth and not loving her older children enough.

When I put on my arm chair psychologist hat, I see someone who’s loving life and worried that the future might not be as great as the present. For some mothers, pregnancy addiction might be a real concern. If you can’t find fulfillment in life without carrying a baby in your arms, that’s a serious psychological condition. However if you just love babies and you’re lamenting about how they grow up too fast, you’re perfectly normal.

It’s okay to be afraid of change, and I think we all are to some extent, but the fact is change is constant and inevitable. Your kids are growing up with each day that passes. Once you embrace these changes and understand the future contains different joys you can’t yet imagine, it becomes a lot less scary.

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