Boys Love Disney’s “Frozen,” Too!

Thanks Mama BlogDisney’s Frozen is currently the highest-grossing animated film ever, and the characters are likely household names for everyone with kids under the age of 17. However, some parents are concerned with their little boys’ love of female characters, such as Elsa the Snow Queen. Is it okay for boys to like girly things?

This post from the Baby Center blog lists seven reasons why Elsa is a great character and why it’s perfectly understandable that boys like her. Boys appreciate strong characters, and she’s got power and magic up her sleeves. They also find her relatable because she has to keep part of her hidden, much the same way boys are encouraged to be tough and not show emotion.

The gender binaries most of us grew up with are slowly fading as society adapts and accepts “unconventional” thoughts and actions. Parents are finding that allowing their children to express themselves freely is beneficial. Teasing is unavoidable no matter how much someone tries to conform, so look to the lessons taught in the movie – being true to yourself is empowering!

Read the full article here: Top 7 reasons why boys love Elsa from Frozen

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