Blind Mom Able to “See” 3D-Printed Ultrasound of Her Baby


Technology has accomplished some seriously amazing things, and 3D printing technology is opening up a new world of opportunities across a wide variety of fields. In this incredible video, a blind mother is given the chance to “see” her baby in the womb by touching a 3D printed image of her ultrasound. Her emotions are raw and beautiful!

Everyone experiences pregnancy a little differently, but when you’re robbed of one of your senses you face different challenges. It’s wonderful to see doctors embrace what technology can do to alleviate some of the frustration faced by those with disabilities.

Though this is an ad for Huggies brand diapers and they obviously want to grab your heart strings (and they totally do!), it’s worth a watch. It’s so beautiful to see this mother given the chance to meet her baby face to face before he’s born, when she would otherwise be forced to simply imagine him.

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