Being 9 Months Pregnant Has Great Perks

When you’re nearing the end of your pregnancy, certain rules no longer apply to you. People will look at you, realize you’re pregnant, and shrug their shoulders if they see you wearing flip flops in anything less than 70 degree weather or stuffing your face at the mall food court. Enjoy it while you can!

In this article from the Baby Center, Beth Robinson shares six things she feels totally justified in doing while nine months pregnant. Wearing pants is no longer a priority because most of them don’t fit. After growing out of your maternity clothes, it’s time to give up and enjoy pantsless freedom.

You’re also free to sleep a lot. Growing a baby is hard work! Nap often to keep your strength up, and don’t worry about snoring. Going back for seconds is also totally acceptable – you’re eating for two! Might as well set your plate on your instant table for the ultimate convenience!

Read the full article here: 6 things I’m getting away with at 9 months pregnant

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