Is Babywearing Right for Me?

23867293_s_colorBabywearing isn’t just a new parenting fad. People having been carrying their children close to them for centuries and continue to do so around the world. Baby carrying also has a variety of benefits for you and your child. While there can be a learning curve when first starting out, there are a few different babywearing options you can test to find one that works for you.

Wearing your baby frees your hands so you can continue your doing everyday tasks while keeping your baby close by, but it also allows you to go places a stroller can’t (like hiking). Babywearing also supports breastfeeding, and studies show babies cry less and they’re better able to regulate their physiological functions when carried.

Different carrying types include slings, wraps, and soft structured carriers. Slings are long sturdy pieces of cloth that fold around you and your child. Wraps are similar but fold around both shoulders instead of just one. Soft structured carriers are ergonomical and work great if you plan to carry your baby for long periods of time.

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