Baby on a Budget: 5 Things Every Baby Needs

We all know babies are incredibly expensive, but that’s partially due to the overenthusiastic purchase of a lot of items that, while nice and convenient, really aren’t necessary for the health and care of your infant. There are five essential items you do need, however: diapers, wipes, a car seat, a safe place to sleep, and nutrition.

You can save literally thousands of dollars by purchasing cloth diapers (such as the ones here at Thanks Mama!). The initial expense is greater, but they pay off big time in the long run and they’re eco-friendly too! Reusable wipes are also a great idea, and you can even make some yourself by cutting up an old flannel sheet or shirt.

A safe car seat is a necessity, so it’s worth investing in. Consider one that’s convertible so it grows with your child. There are many crib options out there that won’t break the bank, such as the IKEA Hensvik crib for only $100.

When it comes to baby nutrition you can’t beat breastfed for price, but there are plenty of coupon sites that can help you save money on formula as well.

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