Baby Life Hacks To Make Your Life Easier

mamakissbaby_blogParenting might not be the most difficult job on earth, but it’s definitely hard. There’s no manual or directions to follow except for the tried and true advice given by those who’ve been where you are. That’s where these great baby life hacks come in handy!

Featured at She Knows, this entertaining article features twelve baby life hacks will help you avoid doing things the hard way so you have more time for the things that matter, like baby snuggles and sleeping.

First, did you know the snaps on the top of your baby’s onesie are there to make cleaning blowouts easier? Unsnap them and pull it down so you don’t get poo on baby’s head! Speaking of poo, the first couple times a newborn goes number two it’s really sticky and tar-like. Make clean-up a breeze by putting some olive oil on his butt in advance!

There’s also no need to spend extra money on a bottle warmer when a big mug works just as well. If you’re tired of your clothes getting covered in baby mess, a cheap lab coat protects them while you’re doing the dirty work.

For more, read the full article here: 12 baby hacks every new parent needs to know

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