Baby born “in the caul” – amazing photos!

23867293_s_colorBirth photography is becoming more popular as mothers seek to capture the incredible moments surrounding their baby’s entry into the world. That leads to some truly awe-inspiring photos, and these pictures of a water-birth baby born with her amniotic sac intact are no exception.

Lisa’s second pregnancy came as a surprise after dealing with a wonky cycle stemming from her first baby, and she experienced an easy pregnancy. Lisa had been tested Group B Strep Positive so she opted for a water birth to decrease the chance of passing the infection on to her baby, and though the infection passed before the big day she was happy to continue with the soothing water birth plan.

Lisa hoped for a caul birth, and Santa Cruz Birth Photography was there to capture the iconic moment.

See the photos and read the full article here: Breathtaking photos capture baby born inside amniotic sac

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