Babies are Like Cake

Babies are precious, beautiful beings that need our love and constant attention, but they’re also incredibly difficult and exhausting to care for. Sometimes well meaning people will remind you to cherish even the tough moments while you can because kids grow up too fast, but when you’ve been “living the dream” nonstop it just doesn’t work that way.

Amy Morrison at the Pregnant Chicken has a great analogy for this – babies are like cake. Cake is sweet and beautiful, but when you’re eating nothing but cake for days on end it becomes too much and you’re not going to enjoy it. When your baby is throwing a tantrum and you’re having difficulty keeping everything together, you’ve had too much cake.

Sometimes moments with your baby will be like the first bite of cake you’ve had in years, and other times you’ll swear you’ll never have cake again. At least you can take comfort in knowing the sweet, wonderful moments will be the ones you most remember!

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