Avoid making these baby bedding mistakes

There are a lot of options out there when it comes to baby cribs and bedding, and if you’re expecting you’re probably a little overwhelmed. Let this handy article from Organic Sunshine lead the way with some things to avoid when shopping for a crib or bedding.

It’s recommended to avoid foam mattresses because they’re less supportive than other types. They’re best for temporary use. You’ll also want to avoid bedding that could cause your baby to overheat – cotton is always a good option because of its temperature regulation properties.

When it comes to cribs you want to avoid used hand-me-downs that show a lot of wear or contain health risks such as mold from being stored in a humid environment (such as a basement). You’ll also want to find one that’s adaptable, which will be useful as your baby grows.

For these and more tips, read the full article here: Six Things to Avoid When Choosing Cribs and Bedding for Your Baby

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