Top Baby Proofing Tips

Some of the biggest lifestyle changes when having a baby are involved in home life.  How and when you eat, sleep and entertain yourselves all need rethinking.  While your child won’t get into too much mischief for the first few months, it’s never too early to get your living space setup for baby’s rapid ascent to […]

Traveling with Tots

Traveling with kids can be paralyzingly difficult.  Whether trying to show off your newborn to your Alaskan Aunt Abbey or taking the kids on your first family vacation, there are loads of stress-inducing decisions to make in preparation for such events.  We’ve put together some words to live by when traveling with your young ones. […]

Introducing Babyhome

Thanks Mama is proud to announce our brand new partnership with Babyhome!  Babyhome is a manufacturer of sleekly designed, quality baby gear, furniture and accessories with an emphasis on being “Fresh and Clever”.  They’ve been around since 2005 and have made waves in Spain with their Emotion stroller and various other child rearing essentials. At […]

Let Your Plants Clear the Air

Chemicals get released into the air in your house through the carpet, flooring, paint, and cleaning materials. Do you ever notice your family members getting sick if you are in a new indoor environment? Fortunately, there are a number of houseplants that can help purify the air. Choose from these nine plants to help improve […]

How to Keep Your Mom Friendships Alive

It can be very difficult to maintain friendships when you have children. Plans get cancelled or you both get busy with something and forget to call. Friendships require work, and one mom has three suggestions for how to keep them going. Accept that you may only have short times together, such as getting together for […]

The Neuroscience of Parenting Instincts

Have you ever wondered why it’s almost impossible to ignore a screaming baby? There is a reason behind it, and it’s based on neurobiology. A recent study published in a prominent journal examined fear circuit triggering in the brain using MRI. The study showed that the trigger, such as screaming, caused activity in the region […]

Mini Me Yoga for Your Kids

Mini Me Yoga was founded 6 years ago in the UK to bring health and happiness into the lives of children. The goal was to get them started early to properly equip them for dealing with life’s struggles. A workshop was created for parents, relatives, teachers, and child care providers to introduce yoga into children’s […]