Artistic Expression: Babywearing While Pole Dancing

Pole dancing and babywearing are two words you wouldn’t expect to see together. Babywearing is intimate and nurturing, while pole dancing conjures up images of scantily clad women dancing to entertain men. However, pole dancing is also an empowering form of personal expression, and Ashley Wright’s babywearing pole dance video is one you’ve got to see!

The dance is set to the iconic opening song from The Lion King, “The Circle of Life.” Ashley gracefully spins on the pole and moves in interpretive dance, all while her baby is snuggled against her back.

Pole dancing takes an incredible amount of strength, and carrying a baby while doing it must be even more difficult. In this article from the Baby Center, Ashley says her babywearing-while-pole-dancing days are likely over because her daughter is getting too heavy to manage it.

Also interesting to note, all through the dance her daughter was comfortably wrapped and watching an ABCs video on Ashley’s cell phone!

Read the full article here: Video: Pole dancing mom takes babywearing to new heights

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