Are You Car Seat Savvy?


Car seats are necessary, if somewhat annoying, baby items that evolve as your child grows. You might feel comfortable in your routine, but the industry has evolved over the years. You want to do all you can to keep your most precious cargo safe, but you could be making some serious mistakes when it comes to your car seat. The manual, expiration date, and age rules are there for a reason!

This educational post from the Baby Center features seven very common mistakes even experienced parents are making, and how you can avoid doing the same. You should always read your car seat manual for the most up to date, accurate information on how to use it safely. You should also buckle booster seats after getting out so they don’t become a projectile when not in use.

Don’t move your child to the next car seat phase too quickly, even if they complain about it. Safety first! This includes front seat riding for any child under 13. Because their bones are so soft, they could be seriously injured by front seat airbags in a collision.

Don’t ignore the expiration date on that car seat either. They exist because plastic degrades faster and becomes less safe over time in the constantly changing hot and cold conditions inside your car.

For these and more safety tips, read the full article here: 7 deadly car seat mistakes even experienced parents make

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