Annoying things strangers say when they see you with children

When you have children, well meaning strangers sometimes say some really annoying things (that you probably hear repeatedly). In this article from Better Female, the author recounts five unwarranted comments she’s received from strangers about her two young kids. Not only are they annoying, but they came about when her children were behaving well!

I’m sure other mothers can agree that a stranger saying, “they’re really close in age, was it planned?” is kind of rude and judgmental. Sometimes people will comment with, “no two kids are exactly the same,” as if they’re answering some existential question.

Then of course if you happen to have only one child or multiple of the same gender, nosey strangers will ask, “are you going to try for a [opposite gender]?” Is that an invitation to talk about your sex life? Of course these people are mean no harm and are just trying to be friendly, but they don’t understand how frustrating and annoying conversations like this can be.

Read the full article here: Top 5 Unsolicited Comments from Strangers on 2 kids under 2

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