Adventures in Cloth Diapering: Newborn Edition


Cloth diapering a newborn can seem daunting.  At least that is what I thought before I had my first child.  My kids taught me otherwise.  I took a different path toward cloth diapering a newborn with all three of my kids.

Before I had my first child, I read up on cloth diapering because I was a bit concerned with how to cloth diaper a newborn.  I read about how difficult it would be to cloth diaper for the early days because of meconium poop.  As a result, I was a bit wary and used disposables for the meconium period.  With my other kids, I jumped right in and do you know what?  Meconium was no big deal.

With my oldest child, I decided to save some money and purchase infant sized cloth diapers and skip over the newborn size.  While that may work for some bigger babies, my baby wasn’t big.  He did grow into those cloth diapers, but we had lots of leaks in the meantime.  When the diapers are too big for the baby not only is there added bulk, but the fit around the legs and waist is not snug.  I don’t need to tell you what that can result in, do I?

My second time around I decided to invest in some newborn cloth diapers.  This time I went with Prorap newborn diaper covers with fleece topped hemp doublers as the absorbent part of the diaper.  I figured that the doublers would be a good choice because I could use them later on.   They worked quite well and were easy to use.  The only difficulty came when the doubler didn’t contain all of the mess.  This resulted in more soiled diaper covers.  Having a snug cover and something absorbent inside it was definitly preferable to using the infant sized diapers.

For my youngest child, I went with cloth diapers that are recommended for a newborn.  Wow!  What a difference.  They were super easy to use and did a good job containing messes.  I went with Kissaluvs fitted cloth diapers and bumGenius all in ones for my main stash.  The Kissaluvs were soft and comfortable for my baby.  The snug fit at the legs and waist helped keep messes inside.  I wished that I had used these on all of my kids.  The bumGenius All in Ones were a favorite though.  They went on and off so easily.  Besides looking totally cute, they were absorbent and mess-containing without adding bulk.   To top it all off, I was able to sell the cloth diapers when I was done with them.  Apparently the resale value of those cloth diapers were on the higher end so I was able to recoup a big chunk of my initial investment.



BumGenius Newborn All-In-One Diaper


Kissaluvs Newborn All-In-One Diaper



So if I had it to do all over again, I would go with the newborn sized diapers.   Using diapers that are designed to fit a little one prevents leaks.  What worked or didn’t work for you during the newborn period?  Please share in the comments.


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