Accepting and dealing with postpartum depression

There shouldn’t be shame associated with any mental illness, but when you’re suffering from one the feeling can be overwhelming. You may wonder why or how it could happen to you, cursing the world for losing control of your emotions, but you’re far from alone. Postpartum depression affects many mothers, and accepting that you have it is the first stage in overcoming it.

Mother Katherine Stone shared her story over at the Baby Center blog, and if you’ve suffered postpartum depression (or really depression of any kind) you’ll probably relate to her experience. Maybe you thought you were just tired or stressed, and decided if you made some life changes everything would go back to normal. Maybe you’ve accepted you’re having trouble, but you’re afraid to reach out for help because you don’t want to be judged.

You can overcome postpartum depression, but not if you perpetuate self-denial. It’s a treatable illness that affects thousands of moms. Understanding that you need help and then reaching out for support will lead you in the right direction.

Read the full article here: Why is it so hard to accept you have postpartum depression?

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