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New Beginnings!  It’s a theme that certainly resonates with the nature of our business.  It’s also one that we all experience over and over again in one respect or another as we navigate through this wonderful journey of life.

At Thanks Mama, we are experiencing a very exciting new beginning of our own that we would like to share with you.  Follow along and we will fill you in on what’s happened, what is happening and all the good things you have to look forward to!

What’s Happened:

To mark this new beginning, after almost 12 years of operation, ownership of Thanks Mama recently changed hands.  As kids grow up, so do businesses.  And as the previous owners reached a point where their kids were out of cloth diapers and into other things, they decided it was time for them to move on as well.

That is when I entered the picture.  My name is Craig Galloway, and I, along with my lifelong friend Wes Atamian, are the proud new owners of Thanks Mama!

Our story began in 1986 at Cornell University when we met through joining the same Fraternity ( … sorry, the details of that particular part of the story aren’t for this blog).  Since then we have stayed close, working in several business ventures together, living in the same city and me even marrying one of his cousins!

Craig and his family.


Wes and his family.

We are both dads, with kids ranging from 1 to 10 years. We’re both active,  health conscious, very busy and avid online shoppers.  With the arrival Wes’s newest addition about a year ago, he was exasperated with how difficult it was for him to find the kinds of products he was interested in buying for his new born.  The kinds of healthy, organic and unique products that appealed to him were tough to come by … and certainly not on one site.

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The kids forming bonds together!

Armed with that frustration fresh in his mind, he approached me with the idea of finding a smaller business selling products we believe in and seeing if we could turn it into something truly special; the kind of place where we would absolutely love to shop.

  • The kind of place that favors parents looking for unique, healthy, natural and environmentally safe products.
  • The kind of place that feels personal and interested rather than corporate and cold or small and overwhelmed.
  • The kind of place that informs, interacts and responds.
  • The kind of place that has a great collection of products and options, but not so many that it makes your head start to spin.
  • And finally … the kind of place that has an online shopping experience that belongs in this century!

Our search for such a business began and ended right in our own backyard here in Boston.  We completely lucked out to find Thanks Mama as a business for sale that also happened to be within 10 miles from where each of us live.  With Wes running the show for a separate business he has with his brother, it was up to me to step in and make this vision a reality. And that is exactly what I am currently working to do!

What’s Happening:

After taking over operations from the previous owners, I’ve had a lot to learn and a lot of decisions to make.  Business happens to be just like parenting; there are no absolutes … and every child is different.  And just like when my boys were born, the first months had a lot of sleepless nights, a lot of long hours, and a lot of time spent wondering exactly what I got myself into and how I would make it through this.

Yet, as time passed, a clarity of vision formed, a plan put into place and a NEW Thanks Mama started to come to life!

It has always been my belief that everything we are, everything we have and everything we will ever be happens by and through people.  So, before I could do right by you, I needed to start by finding great people to serve you; to help make the vision take shape and come to life.  As of this writing, we have added 4 new full time staff members at Thanks Mama in the past 3 months … all hand selected as the kind of people that will make Thanks Mama the kind of place we believe you will love.

This incredible new team has jumped right in and are being put to good work! Just a few of the projects we have going on are:

  • A new Merchandising Director (stolen from an amazing company not to be mentioned here) is hard at work revamping our product catalog and working to expand it so we present to you the most relevant and interesting products we can come up with.
  • Building a community around YOU! We know we are a company, and that we are removed from most of our customers … but we want that to be only because of geography. To the extent you want support and information and engagement, we want to help. We want to be there for you in ways that you appreciate and need us to be.
  • And … you guessed it … a brand new website is on its way!

And this is just the stuff you will see signs of.  On the inside there is more … much, much more!  All for the benefit of people like us … like you … who care about the products they use for their kids and who are interested to do business with people who offer great products, great service and a great shopping experience. We also want all of that to come from people who you might enjoy hanging out with if you met them on the street.

So, as we move through our transition, we hope that you will stay tuned and offer us your thoughts (and hopefully your encouragement and support) as we move through the challenges of rebuilding a company whose singular purpose is to help support you as you navigate the waters of parenthood and face the challenges of your own new beginnings.

Check out Thanks Mama!

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