A C-Section Birth is Still a Birth

How do you define giving birth? That’s what the argument comes down to for those who say having a baby via c-section doesn’t count as a real birth. Most women want to have a baby the natural way, and it’s true that c-sections are often done more often than necessary, but birthing a child is traumatic and amazing no matter what method they come into the world.

In this article from She Knows, mother Lori Pace describes her cesarean section experiences, including the comments she received from other mothers telling her how she didn’t really give birth and that having birth surgery was “taking the easy way out.”

The shaming needs to stop. Pregnancy and childbirth is a personal experience for every mother, and every single one is different and beautiful in its own way. We’re all mothers who brought children into this world one way or another. That alone means far more than the method of delivery.

Read the full article here: Don’t tell me I didn’t really give birth because I had a C-Section

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