5 Gift Ideas From the Kids This Mother’s Day

So… buying stuff is all fine and good for Dad when considering what to get Mom this Mother’s Day, but what about the children?  THINK OF THE CHILDREN?!  Seriously though, it can be a lot of fun and mean a lot to Mom to get gifts that the kids make or have helped with.  Consider these fun do-it-yourself gifts that your little shared humans can create for Mom to cherish this Mother’s Day.

  • Coupon Book – Have the kids make a set of five or ten coupons for Mom that she can use whenever she pleases.  They can consist of things like, “Give mommy a foot rub” or “Will pick up all my toys right away”.  Make sure they’re not too directed though.  It can be hilarious to see what kids come up with on their own.
  • Picture Frame – This idea may take a bit of fatherly assistance, but involve your kids in picking their favorite picture of them and Mom and help them frame it.  You may be able to find a customizable frame on short notice and include the kids in labeling that as well.  Trust us; the customizable framed picture can make for an endlessly appreciated momento from Mom’s biggest fans.
  • Hand Made Flowers – With a couple sheets of colored construction paper and some tape or glue, the kids can be well on their way to making some good ol’ fashioned, artsy-crafty flowers.  Cut the paper into petals and arrange in a circular patterns alternating the colors if you wish.  Throw in a little glitter and now you’re really crafting with power!  When you’re all done making the flowers, use some pipe cleaners for stems and walla! It’s an easy, fun way to make something pretty for Mom. Just don’t forget to put them in water.


Cute little girl doing arts and crafts in preschool

Arts and Crafts for the win!

  • Cookies – Make some cookies!  Baking can be fun anytime, if you can get Mom some time out of the house (see our ‘Top 5 Gift Ideas From Dad This Mother’s Day’ for some spa outing tips), you and the kids can get some quality time and make some yummy pastries for Mama to enjoy.  I’m sure you and the kids can sneak a few too.  So grab your favorite recipe, or better yet Mom’s, and get to cookin’.


Fresh oatmeal chocolate chip cookies on oak table

Mmmmm… Cookies.


  • Hand made cards – Making cards is something small that can go a long way and on short notice.  Take a couple minutes and get a blank card or make your own out that trusting construction paper.  Get the kids, the markers or paint brushes and a few nice words about what you all think makes Mom special. You’re well on your way to making Mother’s Day a little bit more special.

See?!  Easy! All it takes is a little initiative and some basic crafting supplies to get you and the kids creating memorable little do-dads for Mama.  And trust us; when she sees the thought and care you’ve put into these nik-naks, she’ll be happy as a clam.  Sometimes the best gifts aren’t made from gold, but from love.  And if you have any cool recipes or fun kid gifts of your own, be sure to write them in the comments below.


P.S. Remember to check out our Top 5 Gift Ideas From Dad This Mother’s Day.


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