25 Incredible, Unbelievable Baby Facts


Babies are amazing creatures, and they hold many secrets we’re still uncovering. This video features 25 facts about babies that will inspire awe and have you looking at your little one with new admiration.

For example, did you know that babies can breathe and swallow at the same time? It helps them nurse, and all that nursing helps them double their body weight within their first five months of life. They’re born with 300 bones that slowly fuse as they age, eventually becoming the 206 that adults are familiar with, though they are born without kneecaps.

Interestingly, babies are covered in a layer of hair that starts as a mustache in the womb, which is shed before they’re born. They’re also very strong for their size, and newborns are great swimmers! For these and more interesting facts (including a few sad statistics, be warned), check out the video below!

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