Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Kushies Organic | Affordable Training Pants

Are you beginning to potty train?  Are you in the middle of potty training?  If you are, you're probably going to want at least a few pairs of affordable training pants, and I've got just the training pants for you!  Kushies Organic Waterproof Taffeta Training Pants are cute, affordable, and waterproof!  We're talking about the trifecta of training pant awesomeness, here.

So while you might be ok letting your little one run butt-naked around your house, I'm sure there are some situations where you'd love a bit more protection than a simple pair of underpants can offer.  For instance, running errands.  No one wants to have to wipe toddler pee off of the grocery store floor.  So waterproof training pants are a really wonderful option.  They give you a bit more peace of mind, and your child still feels like they're wearing underpants, which will encourage them to use the potty instead of their diaper.  Kushies training pants have a waterproof cover with a sewn in soaker and flannel inner so that your baby feels wetness.

Each pair of Kushies training pants is only $13.99, which is a really great price for cloth training pants, especially considering that you can use these training pants for multiple children.  Kushies training pants will feel just like real underpants to kids because they can pull them up and down by themselves.  With soft elasticized waist bands and leg openings, Kushies training pants will be easy for you and your child to use.

The flannel inner is also 100% organic flannel.  It's soft, comfortable, and will let your child feel when they have wet their trainers.  They come in several super cute prints, and five sizes that will let you get just the right fit for your child.  With size XS to XL Kushies has your baby or toddler covered from 22 lbs all the way up to 50 lbs.

All in all, these are really great options for potty training.  Do keep in mind that these aren't diapers.  While they will help contain and hold accidents and messes, they're not intended to hold tons of fluids.  If your child is still unable to stay dry all night, these probably won't get you through an entire evening. If, however, your child is pretty consistently able to stay dry at night but you deal with occasional wetness, these will be helpful. Just keep that in mind, and you will love Kushies Organic Trainers!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Thirsties Duo All-in-One Cloth Diapers | #MadeinUSA

Today I want to talk to you all about one of my favorite diapers, Thirsties Duo All in Ones.  These are amazing diapers to have when you need to round out your stash.  They're American made, affordable, and ridiculously adorable.  Interested yet?  I thought so!  Let's dish about these super cute All in Ones.

Let's start with a little bit of background on Thirsties as a brand, because they are worth knowing!  Thirsties products are made in the USA with as many locally sourced materials as possible.  They're committed to keeping jobs in America, as well as reducing their ecological impact.  In fact, Thirsties employs many work at home moms to produce their diapers in their own homes, which I think is amazing.  That in and of itself is a reason to adore Thirsties- they're empowering moms to bring in an income and have the flexibility of being at home with their kids at the same time.  Pretty great, right?  If you love their mission, you're going to love their products just as much.  Let's talk about their All in Ones.

Thirsties Duo All in Ones are a two-sized diapering system.  Size One fits babies from 6-18 lbs, which makes these diapers perfect for newborns all the way to about 9 months.  Size Two fits from 18-40 lbs, which fits babies from 9 months all the way to about 36 months.  My two year old still fits comfortably in a size two with room to grow!  While a two-sized diapering system does mean you will have to purchase more diapers than a one-sized system, I find that these diapers last longer and stay in better shape than some of my one-sized diapers as they get less steady use.  I know my Thirsties will still be in great shape when baby number two comes.  That's a big deal for me because I don't want to have to replace my diapers often!  Having two sizes also means that these diapers are really trim.  Sure, your baby will still have that cute cloth diaper booty, but they'll also still fit in their pants.  Win win!

When it comes to design, Thirsties has made a really innovative AIO.  With a microfleece inner and microfiber sewn-in-soaker, these diapers will keep your baby feeling dry and provide plenty of absorbency. They also feature a "tunnel system" soaker- it's sewn onto the diaper on both sides, leaving the front and back open for speedy drying and the ability to add hemp doublers or boosters into the "tunnel" for heavy wetters and night time sleep.  It's a pretty ingenious design that makes this diaper really versatile.

Thirsties AIO's come in both snap and aplix closures.  The aplix closure and super easy to use design makes these the ideal day care diaper or grandma-friendly diaper.  They're no more difficult to use than a disposable, and I think they are perfect to share with your cloth-curious friends.  One of the best things about these AIO's is the price.  At only $15 a diaper for solid colors and $16 for prints, these are some of the most affordable All in Ones on the market today, which really makes them perfect for filling out your stash. Thirsties also boasts some of the most beautiful colors available, so it's a good thing they're affordable because you're going to want quite a few of these beauties.

I hope you can see now why Thirsties Duo All in One diapers are one of my all time favorite diapers. They're adorable, affordable, and functional.  What more can you ask for?

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Best Diaper Sprayers for Cloth Diapering

Ever had someone's eyes widen when you tell them you cloth diaper and ask you in a mystified tone "But what do you do with the poop!?"  Well, what do you do with the poop?  Personally, I spray it off. It makes my life so much easier, because I'm not super interested in dunking and swishing (though it certainly works), or scraping (which also works, but is just not for me).  I like the ease of a diaper sprayer.  If you think you would too, then you are in luck, because we have two different quality diaper sprayers for you to choose from.

If you want a diaper sprayer that blends in with your toilet and doesn't draw attention to itself but still works super well, a Fuzzi Bunz Diaper Sprayer might be for you.  It has a clean, modern, white design-  perfect for a discreet placement.  Even its hose is white, so you get a cohesive look.  The Fuzzi Bunz Diaper Sprayer comes with a bracket so you can hang it on your toilet- no leaving it sitting on the floor, or propped precariously on top of your toilet.  It comes with everything you need to easily connect the sprayer to your toilet's plumbing.  Really- it's a simple installation- definitely no need to hire a plumber. Take a look at this handy chart if you don't believe me.  There's not much too it!

If you'd prefer the look of stainless steel, you will love the Aquaus Mini Shower Diaper Sprayer.  It has a chrome and stainless steel sprayer that has a sleek minimalist design.  The Aquaus attaches to your toilet's flexible line, and you can easily hook it up without a plumber or tools.  One thing to keep in mind with the sprayer is that it doesn't come with a flexible line, so make sure your toilet already has one.  This sprayer has a high pressure flow and anti-drip spray head.  It won't drip as it sprays, which is obviously something you don't want happening while you spray off poopy diapers.  This is a great sprayer that will be perfect for cleaning your cloth diapers.

Either option will take care of your cloth diaper needs (as well as help you clean your toilets easily!).  They're both priced really reasonably, have great design, and will make cloth diapering just a bit easier. It will also let you answer people with they ask you what you do with the poop.  Just smile and tell them that you spray it off, right into the toilet, and never touch a bit!  That should make their eyes open wide with wonder again... and maybe you'll be able to say that you've converted someone to cloth.  

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Bumkins Bibs {Exclusive Prints!}

Messy.  Babies are so messy.  You can give them the cleanest, most simple finger foods, and somehow it ends up all over their clothes, their hair, and probably your walls.  Yikes.  So what is a mama to do?

Bibs!  Lots and lots of bibs.  Big bibs, wipe-able bibs, cute bibs, just lots of bibs.  One of my favorite brands of bibs is Bumkins.  They've got you covered.  Ok, well, they've got your baby covered.  I mean, really covered.  These bibs are big, soft, have pockets to catch dropped food, and they're waterproof.  Some of them even have sleeves.  They are sized for infants all the way up to preschoolers, and they're perfect for just about every messy task.  In fact, Bumkins even makes a waterproof Art Smock which is perfect for those preschool finger painting projects!

But back to the babes- let's chat about the bibs you will want to have on hand for the first two years of your baby's life.  The bib you'll want for those first meals is the Bumkins Starter Bib.  It's designed to fit babies from 6 to 9 months.  This bib is perfectly sized for infants with a pocket to catch any food that may fall (or be spit out) during your baby's meal.  The material is soft and waterproof, and it's completely safe for your baby, so you can rest easy if your babe chews on the edge of their bib.  It's free of BPA, PVC, lead, vinyl, and phthalates.  It is 8 inches across and 6 1/2 inches from the neck to the bottom, has a velcro closure, and it comes in a bevy of adorable prints.  At only $4.95 a bib, these bibs are also very affordable.

For bigger babes, try Bumkins Superbibs.  They measure 10 inches across instead of 8, and they're 9 inches from neck to bottom instead of 6 1/2.  These bibs are made to fit babes from 6-24 months, and also have a pocket to catch crumbs and spills.  Superbibs have velcro closures, and flare out a bit at the top to give even better protection.  You can get the Superbibs in a single or three pack, and they come in cute modern prints, and Cat in the Hat prints.  Basically, there's a design for everyone.

Now if you want maximum protection in a traditional-style bib, I've got just the thing for you.  Bumkins Supersized Superbibs are pretty spectacular.  They measure 18 inches across and 18 inches from the neck to bottom.  They feature a velcro closure, and a huge bib to catch pretty much anything.  I think you could fit an entire chicken drumstick in this pocket.  It's also big enough that it will completely cover your child's lap, so those cute pants of theirs won't get covered in food.  Like the Superbibs, Supersized Superbibs have a flared top to cover from shoulder to shoulder.  These bibs are unlike anything else on the market, and you will fall in love with them.  They're soft, waterproof, and will save you money in the long run by keeping your kids clothes looking clean and new.

The other cool thing about these awesome Supersized Superbibs is that we have exclusive prints. Forest Friends and Fire Engine are two prints that you won't find anywhere else.  Both are really adorable, and you're going to want to snatch them up!

While I can't promise that using Bumkins bibs will magically keep food from falling out of your baby's mouth, I can promise that they will help make meal time a whole lot cleaner.  At least their clothes and the floor. Which is really all we can hope for.  Bon Appetite!

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