Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Kushies Organic | Affordable Training Pants

Are you beginning to potty train?  Are you in the middle of potty training?  If you are, you're probably going to want at least a few pairs of affordable training pants, and I've got just the training pants for you!  Kushies Organic Waterproof Taffeta Training Pants are cute, affordable, and waterproof!  We're talking about the trifecta of training pant awesomeness, here.

So while you might be ok letting your little one run butt-naked around your house, I'm sure there are some situations where you'd love a bit more protection than a simple pair of underpants can offer.  For instance, running errands.  No one wants to have to wipe toddler pee off of the grocery store floor.  So waterproof training pants are a really wonderful option.  They give you a bit more peace of mind, and your child still feels like they're wearing underpants, which will encourage them to use the potty instead of their diaper.  Kushies training pants have a waterproof cover with a sewn in soaker and flannel inner so that your baby feels wetness.

Each pair of Kushies training pants is only $13.99, which is a really great price for cloth training pants, especially considering that you can use these training pants for multiple children.  Kushies training pants will feel just like real underpants to kids because they can pull them up and down by themselves.  With soft elasticized waist bands and leg openings, Kushies training pants will be easy for you and your child to use.

The flannel inner is also 100% organic flannel.  It's soft, comfortable, and will let your child feel when they have wet their trainers.  They come in several super cute prints, and five sizes that will let you get just the right fit for your child.  With size XS to XL Kushies has your baby or toddler covered from 22 lbs all the way up to 50 lbs.

All in all, these are really great options for potty training.  Do keep in mind that these aren't diapers.  While they will help contain and hold accidents and messes, they're not intended to hold tons of fluids.  If your child is still unable to stay dry all night, these probably won't get you through an entire evening. If, however, your child is pretty consistently able to stay dry at night but you deal with occasional wetness, these will be helpful. Just keep that in mind, and you will love Kushies Organic Trainers!

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