Thursday, April 3, 2014

Bumkins Bibs {Exclusive Prints!}

Messy.  Babies are so messy.  You can give them the cleanest, most simple finger foods, and somehow it ends up all over their clothes, their hair, and probably your walls.  Yikes.  So what is a mama to do?

Bibs!  Lots and lots of bibs.  Big bibs, wipe-able bibs, cute bibs, just lots of bibs.  One of my favorite brands of bibs is Bumkins.  They've got you covered.  Ok, well, they've got your baby covered.  I mean, really covered.  These bibs are big, soft, have pockets to catch dropped food, and they're waterproof.  Some of them even have sleeves.  They are sized for infants all the way up to preschoolers, and they're perfect for just about every messy task.  In fact, Bumkins even makes a waterproof Art Smock which is perfect for those preschool finger painting projects!

But back to the babes- let's chat about the bibs you will want to have on hand for the first two years of your baby's life.  The bib you'll want for those first meals is the Bumkins Starter Bib.  It's designed to fit babies from 6 to 9 months.  This bib is perfectly sized for infants with a pocket to catch any food that may fall (or be spit out) during your baby's meal.  The material is soft and waterproof, and it's completely safe for your baby, so you can rest easy if your babe chews on the edge of their bib.  It's free of BPA, PVC, lead, vinyl, and phthalates.  It is 8 inches across and 6 1/2 inches from the neck to the bottom, has a velcro closure, and it comes in a bevy of adorable prints.  At only $4.95 a bib, these bibs are also very affordable.

For bigger babes, try Bumkins Superbibs.  They measure 10 inches across instead of 8, and they're 9 inches from neck to bottom instead of 6 1/2.  These bibs are made to fit babes from 6-24 months, and also have a pocket to catch crumbs and spills.  Superbibs have velcro closures, and flare out a bit at the top to give even better protection.  You can get the Superbibs in a single or three pack, and they come in cute modern prints, and Cat in the Hat prints.  Basically, there's a design for everyone.

Now if you want maximum protection in a traditional-style bib, I've got just the thing for you.  Bumkins Supersized Superbibs are pretty spectacular.  They measure 18 inches across and 18 inches from the neck to bottom.  They feature a velcro closure, and a huge bib to catch pretty much anything.  I think you could fit an entire chicken drumstick in this pocket.  It's also big enough that it will completely cover your child's lap, so those cute pants of theirs won't get covered in food.  Like the Superbibs, Supersized Superbibs have a flared top to cover from shoulder to shoulder.  These bibs are unlike anything else on the market, and you will fall in love with them.  They're soft, waterproof, and will save you money in the long run by keeping your kids clothes looking clean and new.

The other cool thing about these awesome Supersized Superbibs is that we have exclusive prints. Forest Friends and Fire Engine are two prints that you won't find anywhere else.  Both are really adorable, and you're going to want to snatch them up!

While I can't promise that using Bumkins bibs will magically keep food from falling out of your baby's mouth, I can promise that they will help make meal time a whole lot cleaner.  At least their clothes and the floor. Which is really all we can hope for.  Bon Appetite!


  1. That kind of bibs are cool but I think it will only suit for drooling toddlers. As you have said, you can't promise that Bumkins bibs will keep food from falling out of the baby's mouth. Busy moms are looking for a baby bibs that can catch all the spills for it is really not good to see that your kid is really messy. Being messy is natural, but sometimes (as possible) it's better to be not because there are a lot of moms out there that has a hard time in cleaning those mess and stains at the bibs and as I have read they don't like a lot of laundry. At least, you reassured that they will make meal time a whole lot cleaner for toddlers clothes and the floor. Well, that baby bibs are really awesome! I love their designs.

  2. I think these bibs are 4 out of 5 I love how simply they are made and how cute designs are and also, they are perfect for my baby because my baby used to drool every time she eats and she exactly needs these kind of bibs.


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