Saturday, April 12, 2014

Best Diaper Sprayers for Cloth Diapering

Ever had someone's eyes widen when you tell them you cloth diaper and ask you in a mystified tone "But what do you do with the poop!?"  Well, what do you do with the poop?  Personally, I spray it off. It makes my life so much easier, because I'm not super interested in dunking and swishing (though it certainly works), or scraping (which also works, but is just not for me).  I like the ease of a diaper sprayer.  If you think you would too, then you are in luck, because we have two different quality diaper sprayers for you to choose from.

If you want a diaper sprayer that blends in with your toilet and doesn't draw attention to itself but still works super well, a Fuzzi Bunz Diaper Sprayer might be for you.  It has a clean, modern, white design-  perfect for a discreet placement.  Even its hose is white, so you get a cohesive look.  The Fuzzi Bunz Diaper Sprayer comes with a bracket so you can hang it on your toilet- no leaving it sitting on the floor, or propped precariously on top of your toilet.  It comes with everything you need to easily connect the sprayer to your toilet's plumbing.  Really- it's a simple installation- definitely no need to hire a plumber. Take a look at this handy chart if you don't believe me.  There's not much too it!

If you'd prefer the look of stainless steel, you will love the Aquaus Mini Shower Diaper Sprayer.  It has a chrome and stainless steel sprayer that has a sleek minimalist design.  The Aquaus attaches to your toilet's flexible line, and you can easily hook it up without a plumber or tools.  One thing to keep in mind with the sprayer is that it doesn't come with a flexible line, so make sure your toilet already has one.  This sprayer has a high pressure flow and anti-drip spray head.  It won't drip as it sprays, which is obviously something you don't want happening while you spray off poopy diapers.  This is a great sprayer that will be perfect for cleaning your cloth diapers.

Either option will take care of your cloth diaper needs (as well as help you clean your toilets easily!).  They're both priced really reasonably, have great design, and will make cloth diapering just a bit easier. It will also let you answer people with they ask you what you do with the poop.  Just smile and tell them that you spray it off, right into the toilet, and never touch a bit!  That should make their eyes open wide with wonder again... and maybe you'll be able to say that you've converted someone to cloth.  

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