Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Flip Cloth Diaper System

Have you heard of Flip diapers?  They're a really versatile hybrid diapering system that lets you use both disposable and cloth inserts.  You can use just about anything in them, actually!  It's an innovative system that is perfect for traveling, day care, and every day use as Flips can be adjusted to meet the individual needs of the moment.  Sound like something you'd be interested in?  I thought so!

The main component of the Flip system is the One Size Diaper Cover.  Available in both aplix and snaps, this cover has flaps inside the front and back of the diaper so that you can just tuck the inserts inside.  It's a super simple cover that keeps the insert in place.  The outside is the soft fabric you know and love from bumGenius diapers, and the inside is waterproof PUL that is easy to wipe clean after use, so you don't need to change the cover after every use.  All you've got to do is tuck in a new insert, and your baby is good to go again!  Flip covers fit from 8 to 35 lbs, so they should fit your baby all the way through potty training.

Now, inserts- you've got some options.  Organic, stay dry, disposable, even newborn inserts, there is something for every situation.  If your baby doesn't like the feel of wetness, then try a stay dry insert.  Three layers of microfiber covered with a layer of suedecloth make these inserts a soft, absorbent, and moisture-wicking option that will help your baby feel nice and dry.  They come in single and three-packs, so if you're not sure your baby will love them, you can always purchase a single insert to try out, which I love.  It's nice to experiment without investing a whole lot of money.

Flip Organic Inserts are made of 100% Oeko-Tex certified organic cotton.  They're a lot like a prefold in their shape, which makes these inserts really versatile and customizable.  The Organic Inserts have lines sewn in so that you can easily fold the inserts evenly.  The organic cotton of these inserts is really absorbent, natural, and resists smells.  They're easy to clean, and the foldable design allows for faster drying times. These also come as singles or three packs, so once again you've got the option to try one before you invest in an entire stash. These are also a good night-time option for babes who aren't crazy heavy wetters. Cotton is able to hold a substantial amount of liquid.

Flip Disposable Inserts are great for trips, day care, and even just normal use.  They give you a mix between cloth and disposable diapers.  Disposable inserts are dye and fragrance free, fit right into your covers just like the cloth inserts, and are actually Oeko-Tex certified!  They are super trim, yet absorbent, and you can just toss them after use.  This is a great option for when cloth simply isn't practical for whatever reason. Disposable inserts come in a pack of 18 for only $4.95, so they're also a good price.

I love that the Flip system is so versatile, not to mention easy to use.  It's a perfect shower-gift for new parents who are curious about cloth, and an affordable option to keep a couple of covers and inserts at Grandma's house for when you visit.  They're extremely customizable, and the fit is great.  They are definitely something to consider adding to your cloth diaper stash!

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