Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Balancing Cloth Diaper Performance and Affordability {Kawaii}

Are you looking for an affordable cloth diaper brand that is cute, Oeko-Tex certified, and loved by many? You might be thinking that finding those qualities in one cloth diaper brand is impossible.  An insurmountable task.  The Mount Everest of cloth diapering conundrums.  But it's not. You can find all of those qualities in KaWaii Baby diapers. Intrigued?

KaWaii Baby is a canadian company that was born out of frustration with how long disposable diapers take to break down in landfills. KaWaii diapers are made with only safe and high quality materials, and their Oeko-Tex certification means that you can feel good about putting KaWaii diapers on your baby.  Don't let the price tag on these diapers fool you. These are not "China cheapies." They're ethically manufactured, and Canadian owned.

KaWaii makes covers, swim diapers, training pants, wetbags, pocket diapers, and inserts. Basically everything you need to successfully cloth diaper your baby, you can find from KaWaii. Today let's talk about your pocket diaper options from KaWaii.

First up is their Bamboo Minky Mom Label Diaper. With a Minky outer, waterproof TPU lining, and a soft bamboo inner, this is a super luxurious diaper.  It has a pocket opening, so it's customizable.  You can put whatever inserts, prefolds, or flats in it you prefer. The Minky Mom Label diaper also has three rows of rise snaps so it will fit tiny newborns from about 8 lbs all the way up to toddlerhood and 36 lbs.  It has crossover tabs for tiny bellies, and a front panel of TPU material to prevent wicking out of the top of the diaper. That is a lot of really amazing features in a diaper that costs only $12.99.

Goodnight Heavy Wetters are basically the holy grail of affordable night-time cloth diapers.  They've got a 3 layer outer cover and come with two XL microfiber inserts.  These feature a lot of the same perks as the Minky diapers- three rows of rise snaps, fit babies from 8-36 lbs, and a back pocket opening.  The inner of the Goodnight Heavy Wetters is made from moisture-wicking microfleece, making it ideal for night time.  If your baby doesn't feel wet, they are probably less likely to wake up, especially on colder nights.  They come in a variety of really cute prints, and are only $10.95 each.  Which is a little crazy, but who are we to argue with an amazing value like that, right?

The last pocket diaper I want to tell you about from KaWaii is their Pure and Natural line.  These are their most affordable pocket diaper option.  They have a stay-dry inner and a waterproof TPU outer.  The closure is make with hook and loop tape, so it's super grandma, daycare, and babysitter friendly.  They have three rows of snaps for size adjustment, and fit babies from 6 to 22 lbs, so it does fit better on smaller babies.  This is probably not the only diaper you want in your stash, as it won't fit bigger babies well, but for $7.50 a diaper, it is a really great diaper to fill in your stash with.

KaWaii diapers are the total package.  They are reliable, customizable, and crazy affordable.  Oh, and cute. Did I mention cute?  I know that's a prerequisite for just about all of us.  So if you've never checked out KaWaii diapers, you should!

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