Wednesday, February 19, 2014

New Thirsties One-Size Pocket Diapers


I want to tell you all about something new and exciting!  If you love Thirsties products as much as I do, then I think you will be interested to hear about their new One Size Pocket Diaper.  This replaces their two-sized pocket system, but keeps all the features you love.  It's an awesome new product, so let's talk about it!

Ok- so what has changed?  Obviously this diaper fits a larger range of sizes than the two-sized system.  The One Size diaper will fit babies from 8 to 40 lbs.  It has a snap down rise, so the fit is customizable.  The hook and loop is a bit different than the old style- which is actually a change they rolled out in their All in Ones first, so you've probably seen it, but it is wider, has cross over tabs, and is a bit more grippy.

Other than those few things, this is basically the same pocket diaper that you've come to love from Thirsties. It has a unique pocket that is open in both the front, and back of the diaper.  This feature means that you can stuff the diaper easily, but more importantly, you can unstuff it from either end.  Diaper poopy?  No poblem!  Pull that insert out from the front.  Diaper just wet?  Pull it out from the back.  Your other option- don't pull the insert out at all!  Just let it agitate out in the wash!  I don't know about you, but I really love the option of letting that gross, wet insert just pull itself out in the wash.

The One Size Pocket also features Thirsties' signature leg gussets, which are perfect for keeping messes in, but they are also nice and gentle on your baby.  It has a microfleece inner that is soft, and wicks moisture away from you baby.  It also comes with both a hemp and micofleece insert.  I don't know if you've tried Thirsties hemp inserts, but they are awesome.  They are super absorbent, don't hold onto smells, and keep the diaper nice and trim, but still powerful.  Another thing to love about Thirsties is that they are made in the USA.

There are a whole lot of reasons to love Thirsties' new One Size Pocket Diaper.  If the two-sized system wasn't your thing- this One Size system might be!  There are a whole lot of gorgeous colors and cute prints to tempt you- if you haven't ever taken a look at the colors of Thirsties diapers, go do it now!  They're some of my absolute favorites, and I'm excited that they are available in a One Size Pocket now too!

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