Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Kissaluvs Hybrid Diapers and Covers

Kissaluvs!  Who here loves Kissaluvs?  I want to talk about a great combination of products from them that I think you will love.  It's a fairly economical system that will keep leaks at bay, be easy to use, and offer lots of customization.  This is also a great system if you love fitteds, but not the price.

So let's talk about Kissaluvs Hybrid One Size Contour Diapers and Covers!  Hybrid One Size Contours are a fantastic option if you want a truly customized fit.  They don't have snaps or velcro, so you can size the waist exactly as you need it, then just put a cover over it as is, or use a pin, snappi, boingo- whatever you prefer to keep the Contour diaper closed.  The legs are elasticized, so you get a great fit every time.

The Contours are soft, squishy and absorbent, made of a custom knit cotton fleece, and they're even available in cute colors.  Cotton is one of my favorite diaper materials.  It's absorbent, soft, breathable, and it doesn't hold on to stink.  It gets more and more absorbent with each wash, and since it's a natural fiber, you don't typically have to worry about sensitivities to synthetic materials.

These closure-less fitteds fit babies from 7-35 lbs.  They've got a microfiber soaker that's covered with fleece.  It's sewn in at the back but not all the way around so that it can dry more easily.  When you need to adjust the size, all you have to do is fold down the front of the diaper and soaker.  It's so easy, and gives such a great fit.

Now you're going to need a fantastic cover to go over your economical and absorbent new Contour.  You can try a Kutie Printed Diaper, a unique cover that has adorable cotton prints on top of a waterproof layer.  It's a really trim fitting cover that will fit babies from 10-40 lbs.  The Kutie Covers have leg gussets with gentle elastic yo keep messes in.  The snaps and trim coordinate with the diaper to make sure that your baby is looking as cute as possible.

If prints are really your thing, check out Marvels One Size Diaper Cover.  Bright, modern colors with matching snaps make these covers really cute.  They fit babies from 8 to 40 lbs and have a snap down rise and cross over tabs so you can get an excellent fit for babies of all weights.  They're waterproof, have leg gussets, and have a life time guarantee on snaps, so you can be confident that these covers will last.

This really is a great system if you are looking to get some solid bang for your buck.  The Contours are only $11.95 a diaper, and the covers are each less than $20 a pop.  With the covers' waterproof inner material, you can wipe them down in between uses, so you don't need more than a few per day.  It's an easy system that will fit your needs, and grow with your baby.  Check them out!

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