Thursday, February 6, 2014

Best Organic Cloth Diapers

For the eco-conscious parent, or simply the parent who is concerned about what their baby is exposed to, organic materials are often a must-have.  Organic diapers give you peace of mind that your baby isn't being exposed to harsh chemicals, pesticides, or synthetic materials that may irritate your baby's skin.  The surprising thing about organic diapers is that they won't cost you an arm and a leg more than diapers made with synthetic materials.  That's great news if you are cloth diapering on a budget (like most of us are) but want the best for your babe.

A tried and true fan favorite, BumGenius' Elemental Organic one-size diaper, has the awesomely customizable fit of the BumGenius diapers you know and love with six layers of organic cotton and their soft waterproof outer.  The cotton is sewn right into the waterproof shell, but there's plenty of room to stuff an extra insert into the diaper if you need it.  I probably don't need to go on and on about this diaper because I'm sure you've heard how much it is loved.  If you are an AIO fan, this is the organic diaper for you.

If prefolds and flats are more your thing, Bummis makes a super soft and yummy organic cotton prefold. Made from organic cotton twill, these prefolds are unbleached, thick, and really absorbent (not to mention economical).  These are perfect paired with a PUL cover, wool, or even tri-folded and stuffed inside of a pocket diaper.  I love organic cotton prefolds.  They're like a fine wine- they just get better and more absorbent with age, and each new wash.  Once you're babies are out of diapers, prefolds are also great for cleaning jobs around the house- they make perfect dust cloths.

If you've caught the fitted love, I'm sure you've heard all about Sustainablebabyish (also known as Sloomb)  and their squishy soft Organic Bamboo Fleece Fitteds.  These fitteds are made out of organic bamboo and cotton and are absorbent enough for night time use.  They have what could almost be described as a cult-following because of their cute-factor and reliability.  

They come in extra small through extra large sizes, so while you are getting an enormous amount of absorbency, you won't have the extra bulk of a one-sized diaper.  Pair these with a PUL cover or some Sloomb woolies, and not only is your babe covered in safe, natural materials, but you've got a bullet-proof diaper combination.  You also have nine pretty colors to choose from in thread and snaps.

We have quite a selection of organic diapers to choose from, and I think that you will be surprised at just how well they work, and how affordable they can be.  Not only that, but more and more manufacturers of the diapers you love are realizing that this is something more and more parents want, so your options range from prefolds, to fitteds, to all in ones, and the amount of variety available increases every year.  This is great news for the eco-conscious parent and the sensitive-skinned baby alike.

I personally am a huge fan of organic cotton in my daughter's diapers, and find them to be well worth the investment.  In fact, it's my personal experience that these diapers have fared better in the absorbency department as my daughter has gotten older, and we have less leaks than we do with microfiber and other synthetic materials.  Another thing I love about our cotton diapers is that they let your child feel wetness, which can help lead to earlier and easier potty training, which is definitely a win.  So if you don't have an organic diapers in your stash, there are a lot of reasons to try a couple.  I think you'll really like them.  Just keep in mind that organic cotton, hemp, bamboo- really any natural fiber diaper will take 5 to 10 washes to become fully absorbent.  I'd hate for you to get a really great new diaper, wash it only once, and then think it doesn't work!  Happy organic diapering!

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