Thursday, January 2, 2014

Planet Wise Wet Bags

Cloth diapering without great wet bag is like going to the pool without a towel.  They just go together.  You don't want to jump in a pool and then have to air dry in your car on the way home.  You also probably don't want to change your baby's dirty diaper and then have to stick it straight in your purse or diaper bag.  Yuck.

So that brings us to wet bags.  Those cute, functional little zippered bags that keep the smells and wetness in, and your diaper bag clean and stink-free.  One of my favorite brands of wet bags is Planet Wise.  Lots of size choices, tons of really adorable prints, and even the perfect little wipes bags.  Really, whatever your need is, Planet Wise has you covered.

When it comes to cloth diapering on the go, I love the Planet Wise Wet Bags because they come in three sizes.  A small wet bag will hold one, maybe two diapers and cloth wipes (if your little one is out and about in super fluffy fitteds, this bag will probably only hold one.  Pocket diapers that aren't crazy-stuffed and most all in ones will probably let you fit two diapers in a small bag).  My personal diaper bag is ready to go with a medium sized wet bag in it at all times.  Medium bags will hold eight to nine cloth diapers and wipes, which is probably more than you'll need to put in it, but I do love that I don't have to worry about shoving dirty diapers in a smaller bag.  Large bags are probably more than you'd need for a day trip, but would be the perfect weekend-away bag as they hold 16 to 17 cloth diaper and has a coordinating handle.  Large wet bags are also perfect for those trips to the pool we were talking about.  They're the perfect size for a wet towel and swim suit.

Another on-the-go solution that I think is genius is the Planet Wise Wipe Pouch.  These pouches are the perfect size for your folded in half wet wipes.  Just pop them in the Wipes bag, zip it up, then fold down the top and snap it shut.  Folding down the top zippered area keeps the wet wipes from wicking through the zippered area of the pouch, keeping your diaper bag or purse nice and dry.  Genius I tell you.

For storing dirty diapers at home, I'm personally not a big pail-person.  I prefer to hang my wet bags from a hook on the bathroom door off of my daughter's room.  It keeps the diapers out of her reach, and I don't have to worry about a stinky pail.  So you can see why I love Planet Wise's Hanging Wet Dry Bags.  These beauties have two zippered pouches; the main pouch is meant for your dirty diapers, the front pouch is perfect for dry items or any accessories you use to take care of your diapers when they are dirty.  The handles let you hang the bag from a door knob or a hook on the door.  These hanging wet bags hold 20 to 24 cloth diapers, which is perfect for going two to three days in between washes.

There are several more great wet bag options from Planet Wise, so make sure you go check them out here. And if you needed more reasons to love Planet Wise beyond the fantastically functional bags, amazing prints, and many size options, everything is also made in the USA.  These are great products that you can really stand behind.

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