Thursday, January 16, 2014

Kawaii: Affordable Cloth Diapers

Hey Big Saver!  Looking to save some green while you're being green?  Not a problem!  I've got an awesome, reliable, and affordable brand that you are going to want to know about.  Kawaii diapers, wet bags, and trainers are consistently well loved by cloth diapering families both on a budget and by those looking for high quality.  Obviously it's a great mix.  Quality and affordability can't always be found in one cute package.

The diaper Kawaii might be most famous for is their Goodnight Heavy Wetter One Size Pocket Diaper.    Heralded by moms of heavy wetters as one of the best night time diapering solutions around, this pocket diaper also comes in at an amazingly affordable $10.95.  The outer cover of this diaper is three layers, meaning that you really aren't going to have to worry about leaks.  It also comes with two extra large microfiber inserts that are super thirsty, and perfect for night time.  This one sized diaper fits babies from 8-36 lbs.  It's a really great option at a really affordable price.  I think you'd be hard pressed to find another diaper in this price range that is this well loved.

Kawaii also has a couple of pocket diaper options- the Kawaii Ultra Soft Cross-over Square Tab Pocket Diapers have a big pocket opening, soft microfleece inside, and plenty of cute colors to choose from.  Kawaii's Bamboo Minky Pocket Diapers have a soft minky outer and absorbent bamboo inner.  The insert is also made of bamboo, so it's really absorbent.  This is a great option for parents who prefer to use natural fibers.  Both of these diapers are made to fit babies from 8-36 lbs, have a waterproof layer of TPU, and offer a nice customizable fit for your baby with three sets of rise snaps.  They  also have cross-over tabs which means you will be able to get a nice snug fit even on a skinny little baby.

If your baby is starting to potty train, Kawaii Training Pants are pull-on pants with three layers of flannel inside.  They're soft and will hold small accidents while still letting your child feel the sensation of wetness.  They are only $10.90 per pair, and are made to fit toddlers 30 lbs and up.  These are great training pants that allow your child to learn to pull their own underpants up and down, while giving you that extra peace of mind you need when you're out and about.  They also have cute prints that your little one will be excited to wear- after all, even big kid underpants should be fun!

Kawaii has a lot of fantastic products to offer, so make sure you check them all out here.  Don't be nervous about their small price tag.  While it is often true that you get what you pay for, these products get great reviews and are one of the exceptions to the rule.  I think that if you purchase a few diapers or wetbags to try for yourself you'll see why.  So if you or someone you know is looking to round out their stash but is on a tight budget, Kawaii diapers may be exactly what the doctor ordered.

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