Friday, November 22, 2013

Rockin' Green Cloth Diaper Care Products

If there is one thing that a new cloth diaper-er fears, I'd say it has to be washing those stinky, dirty, sometimes poop-covered diapers.  I know that was one of my top anxieties when I started cloth diapering.  There's a lot of conflicting info out there about what detergent to use, how many rinses you need, how much detergent to use... the list goes on.  Unfortunately there are no hard and fast rules to diaper washing- what works for one water type may not work for another.  What works for standard machines may not work for HE top-loaders.  The list goes on and on.  It can take some experimentation, some time, and sometimes a few different detergents before you perfect your technique, but don't worry- you will find that sweet spot soon and it will be nice smooth sailing.

One great brand that I'd like to mention has a lot of the variables covered with detergents formulated specifically for different water types.  They take a lot of the guess-work out for you, and that is always a good thing.  Rockin Green has three different detergent formulas, cloth menstrual pad detergent, and odor fighting goodies.  They also have oodles of yummy scents to choose from.  After all, variety is the spice of life!

So- you have soft water.  Rinsing your diapers clean can be a beast with soft water, but Rockin Green has you covered with their Soft Rock soap.  It is good for 45 washes with a regular machine, or 90 loads with a HE machine.  Soft Rock is a really gentle detergent that will help you cut down on the amount of rinses you need to get your diapers nice and clean.  You definitely don't want to deal with buildup issues, so this is a really great thing!

If you have normal water (or aren't quite sure what kind of water you have), Classic Rock is probably for you.  It's Rockin Green's first formula, and it's safe to use on your diapers, your regular laundry, basically everything.  It also comes in some really delicious scents like "Smashing Watermelons" and "Motley Clean."  Really, you have to sniff these to appreciate just how amazing these smell.  The nice thing about the scents too is that they are not overpowering.  They won't linger on your diapers and clothes... it's just a little aromatherapy for you to enjoy while you're tossing your stinky diapers into the washing machine.

If you're like me and have crazy hard water, you need to try Hard Rock.  Formulated specifically for hard water, this will cut out a lot of your frustration with your diaper laundry, because this is a notoriously difficult water type to deal with.  It's made to get your diapers clean, packs a punch, and will rinse out the way you need it to.  If you are fed up with stinky diapers and hard water, give this a try.

Rockin Green also has some great options for dealing with diaper-related stinkiness in your bathroom/laundry room/wherever your store your diapers-room.  Their Melody Odor Neutralizer and Fragrance Spray is great for helping to clear the air, and the Pail Freshener will help cut the stink in your diaper pail or wet bag.

No one likes to smell dirty diapers once they're off of baby, so Rockin Green really is a lifesaver.  It's a great brand that has really taken the guesswork out of laundering your diapers!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sheepish Greens: Wool Diaper Care

Let's talk about wool.  I know we've touched on wool a few times in the last couple of months, but have you taken the plunge yet?  Don't be intimidated!  Longies, shorties, covers.... there are so many gorgeous and natural options to fit every need.  There are also some really great wool-care options that will make your journey into the land of wool so much easier.

One of our top wool-care lines is Sheepish Grins.  They really have everything you need to care for your wooly investment, and their products are affordable and reliable.  From wool wash to lanolin spray, you will find convenient products that take the guess work out of wool care.

So where do you start?  There are two main components to basic wool care: wool wash and lanolin.  The great part about Sheepish Grins Wool Wash is that it actually contains lanolin so that you don't have to lanolize your wool as often.  It will get your shorties clean, and add enough lanolin that you should be able to go a few weeks (maybe longer) without having to lanolize your wool.  If you use their Foaming Wool Wash, you will be using a gentle, unscented product that will last you a very long time.

You can also use wool wash in Bar form.  It gives you the same great cleaning power, but will also help moisturize dry hands!  Just fill your sink or a basin with water and lather the bar between your hands to help get the Wool Wash into the water.  You can also gently rub the bar right onto your wool. The one accessory you want to make sure you have if you use a bar soap is a Wooden Soap Deck so that your Lanolin Bar can dry in between uses.  The Sheepish Grins Lanolin Soap and Wool Wash Bar is made by hand with only quality ingredients, so you can feel confident that you are using something that is both high quality, and safe.

Once your wool longies, covers, shorties, and wraps are washed and smell all fresh and clean, use some Sheepish Grins Creamy Lanolin Spray to make those babies nice and water-resistant again!  Just gently shake the bottle, then spray it on to both the inside and outside of your diaper covers!  Make sure you give your covers a while to soak the lanolin in.  Don't lanolize the cover you need for bed-time an hour before your babe is supposed to hit the sack.  Once you have let your covers dry, they are good to go for another few weeks!

I hope you're starting to see that wool really isn't all that difficult or intimidating.  What it is though is a really reliable and natural way too keep your baby's sheets nice and dry!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Why Choose Ecoposh Cloth Diapers?


Have you caught the fitted and wool love yet?  Fitted diapers and wool are almost their own sub-culture in the cloth diapering world.  They seem a little more intimidating than they are, so it can take a while for most people to venture into the world of wool and fitted diapers, but once you do, you will see that there are so many amazing options that make diapering easy!  Night time diapering with fitteds and wool is especially awesome, as these are typically your most absorbent options!  And speaking of options, there are so many to choose from.

One brand we love is EcoPosh.  Made by the fabulous people that also bring you Rumparooz, EcoPosh diapers are actually made of organic cotton, bamboo, and recycled water bottles!  This is a really green choice for people that are worried about their impact on the environment, as you are using recycled material with every diaper change!  It also has a lot of the features you love about Rumparooz, including their patented double gusset, which will contain the messiest of messes.

EcoPosh Recycled Organic One Size Fitted Pocket Diapers is equipped with a pocket, and comes with a bamboo 6R soaker so you can customize the diaper's absorbency to fit your baby's needs.  When you have the 6R soaker in the diaper, it has 11 layers of absorbent material!  Now keep in mind, as with all fitteds, this diaper will need a cover.  EcoPosh fitteds will fit babies from 6 lbs all the way up to around 30-35 lbs.

If you want to start using these fantastically absorbent diapers from birth on, EcoPosh Recycled Organic Newborn Fitted Diapers are made to fit smaller newborns from 4-14 lbs.  Made out of the same thirsty materials as the one sized EcoPosh fitted, this sweet newborn diaper has a 4 layer snap in soaker that makes the diaper have 7 layers of squishy goodness.  It also has a snap down tummy for that first week or two while your baby's umbilical cord stump heals.  It will allow the stump to breathe and heal correctly.  Plus, just imagine how adorable your brand new baby will look in these fashionable fitteds!

Now, you might be wondering how you are going to cover these sweet, eco-friendly fitteds?  Well, look no further than EcoPosh Wool Covers.  Made in two sizes, these 100% knit wool covers will fit babies from 8-20 lbs and 15-35 lbs.  These soft and stretchy covers add an extra level of absorption, they are breathable, and are anti-microbial.  You will care for these in the same way that you care for all of your wool covers (and if you're new to wool, check out our post here to learn all about how to care wash and lanolize it).

You can even use EcoPosh when your little one starts to potty train!  EcoPosh Recycled Organic Training Pants can help contain accidents with two layers of bamboo and cotton and a layer of waterproof TPU. They come in three sizes- 1T/2T, 2T/3T, and 3T+.  Keep in mind that these are not diapers, they will not contain everything, but they do help you feel confident when you go out while you are potty training.

One thing to keep in mind with all of these EcoPosh products (with the exception of the wool covers) is that these natural fiber diapers will need to be washed and dried about ten times before they are fully absorbent.  So if you get super excited when your fluffy mail arrives, wash it once then put it on your baby, it's not really going to do it's job.  I know it's hard to wait ten washes to try out gorgeous fluff like these EcoPosh lovelies, but it is so worth the wait!  These are fantastic diapers, and they will quickly become favorites.

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