Monday, September 30, 2013

Lascal BuggyBoard Mini Stroller Ride-on Giveaway

Don't miss our new giveaway on our Facebook page! One of our fans will be blessed with a stroller accessory great for toddlers or preschoolers. The Lascal BuggyBoard Mini is perfect for tired little feet and for parents who do not want to lug around a double stroller. Compatible with most strollers and prams, it's the indispensable add-on for moms of more than one, great for walks, shopping, Disney, and city strolls. It is recommended for children between the ages of 2 and 5 with a maximum weight of 44 pounds. 


    •      Anti-slip standing surface for your child

    •      Big wheels provide plenty of room for parent's feet.

    •      Easy to connect and disconnect once installed.

    •      Comfort suspension helps provide a comfortable ride

    •      Reflectors on the side

    •      Lift and store system that allows you to store the buggyboard when your child wants to walk.

    •      Assembles without tools.

    •      All parts and packaging are made from recycled materials.

    •      Add on an extra connector kit if you plan to use the buggyboard with more than one stroller.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Rumparooz: Care-Provider-Friendly Cloth Diapers

Are you a working mom?  Are you worried that cloth diapers will not be daycare/grandma/babysitter friendly?  This is a common concern that we hear a lot when new moms (or just parents in general!) are initially considering cloth.  With snaps there certainly can have a bit of a learning curve, and depending on your childcare provider, they may or may not feel up to the challenge.  That is why we recommend adding some really reliable aplix (think softer, stronger velcro) closure diapers to your stash.  When you bring these diapers stuffed and ready to go, they are just as easy to use as disposables, and really don't involve a learning curve at all.

Rumparooz Aplix Cloth Diapers are a fantastic option.  This one-sized pocket diaper will fit a really amazing range of weights, from 6-35 pounds, so while it will be a bit bulky on a smaller baby, it will also fit long after most other diapers have hit their chunk-limit.

Made with TPU waterproof outers (much like other pocket diapers that are made with PUL, but TPU will biodegrade in 4-5 years when composted), super soft hypoallergenic microchamois inner (like microfleece, but softer!), and patented double gussets inside, these diapers were made to contain heavy messes.  This makes them perfect for child-care providers.  Just tell them they won't have to worry about blow-outs, and I'll bet they will be more than happy to give them a go!

Rumparooz works with Aplix in France to give their diapers some of the strongest and most reliable closures on the market.  A lot of experienced cloth diapering parents sing the praises of Rumparooz aplix closures.  It will stand up to hundreds of washes, and has great laundry tabs to keep your diapers from snagging others in the wash.

To make your Rumparooz as daycare friendly as possible, make sure you always pre-stuff the pockets, set the snap-down rise to your preferred setting, and always send a wet-bag or two.  If your provider is on the fence about letting you bring your cloth diapers, offer to come a little early one day and do a quick demonstration about just how easy these diapers truly are.  Just fasten the aplix like you would a disposable diaper, and baby is ready to go!

You may also want to offer to deal with the poop.  Just tell your care provider to toss soiled diapers rolled up into your wet-bag.  Just as easy as disposables!  You will want to make sure that you tell the workers not to use conventional rash-creams with your cloth diapers, and always send a cloth safe cream with your diapers.  You may consider pinning a nice friendly note to the front of your diaper bag as a reminder as well. Most people will have no idea that a conventional rash-cream can cause quite a headache when it gets onto a cloth diaper.

I think your care provider will be surprised at just how easy cloth diapers can be!

The best part?  Right now Rumparooz Aplix Cloth Diapers are on sale!  When you buy 4, you get one free!  This offer is only available on their aplix one sized diapers, so it is a perfect time to stock up for your child's time at daycare.  With 12 beautiful and bright colors, I think these diapers are bound to become some of your favorites.  Make sure you don't miss out on this sale, it doesn't happen often, and it's a limited time offer, so stock up now on this easy, daycare friendly cloth diaper.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wooden Learning Toys for Toddlers

Toddlers are creative, curious, and developing little people who are constantly learning.  Shouldn't their toys help them learn and facilitate creativity while they play?  As a mom of a toddler, finding toys that are safe (ie- not all plastic), cute, and will keep my little learner's attention for more than ten minutes at a time can be challenging.  Some of my favorite toys to buy for her are wooden learning toys for toddlers.

One great toy that teaches fine motor skills, colors, and shapes is PlanToys Lacing Beads.  This colorful wooden toy comes with two laces and 30 wooden beads in different shapes.  Not only will your toddler have a blast threading the wooden beads onto the laces, but you can teach them about colors and shapes  as they pick up each bead.

For the budding math-wiz, PlanToys Fun Abacus can help your toddler learn to count on this colorful 10x10 abacus.  Little hands will have fun sliding the different colored beads from one side to the other as you help them learn numbers and basic math.  This is a toy that can help your child learn to love math, and that they can use for years.

Toddlers love to push things around the house, and of course make as much noise as possible while doing it.  PlanToys Push Along Elephant is an adorable little push toy that will have your toddler squealing with delight as they race around the house with their favorite new pachyderm.  It even makes a sweet sound as it's "feet" roll across the floor.

Another great motor-skill-developing toy is PlanToys Balancing Monkeys.  Your little one will have fun hanging monkeys on a cute little tree, and they will also learn about balance as the tree will sway from side to side if more monkeys are placed on one side than the other.  You will both have hours of fun as you calculate how the monkeys should be spaced in order to keep the tree balanced and level!

Blocks can provide hours and hours of fun for toddlers, but they're even more fun if they are brightly colored and beautiful!  Haba Fantasy Blocks are so colorful and pretty that you might find your self building castles while your toddler is napping.  The blocks even have sweet designs on them.  Your little guy or girl won't even realize that they're developing motor skills as they build castles all day.

PlanToys Build a Robot is a sweet little wooden robot that has four interchangeable heads that attach to a body with moveable arms and legs.  Each face has a different expression and emotion.  Have fun building robots and making faces with your toddlers to learn all about emotions.  Purchase several Robots and move their arms and legs to have a robot dance party!

PlanToys Sorting Bus is a happy yellow pull-toy that has openings in different shapes so that your toddler can learn to put the correct shapes in the corresponding openings.  Once all of the shapes are sorted into the bus, your toddler can pull the little sign on the bus, and all of the blocks will come tumbling out.  Now what toddler doesn't enjoy a good mess-making toy!? You can rest easily though, knowing that they are learning while they make a colorful mess.

PlanToys Stacking Bear is a sweet and colorful bear that your toddler will enjoy stacking higher and higher until the top where they will enjoy putting the happy bear's head on top.  This toy is made from rubberwood, and hasn't been processed chemically.  You can feel good about your child's safety if they decide to chomp on the wooden rings, and your toddler can feel a sense of accomplishment of stacking the bear correctly.

Thanks Mama has tons of really fantastic wooden toddler learning toys to choose from.  They will last through many children and be loved for years.  These are the kind of toys you save to pass on to your grandkids, and they will still be in perfect playing order.  As we're nearing holiday shopping time, make sure you keep these colorful toys in mind.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Great Deals on Imse Vimse Diapers, Covers, and Nursing Pads!

Sales, sales, who doesn't love a sale!?  Do you love Imse Vimse as much as we do?  If so, you are going to want to check out the really fantastic sales going on right now on quite a few of our Imse Vimse stock!  It would take up an enormous amount of space to tell you about all of the sale items, we're going to highlight a few of our favorites.

The Imse Vimse Bumpy Wool Cover is a steal right now ($7 off!) and an all around awesome diaper cover.  Wool, like we talked about for the last couple of weeks, is a really reliable, breathe-able cover option.  It only needs to be washed once every week or two, absorbs a bunch of moisture, and is anti-microbial.  Sale priced at $39.95, now is a great time to give wool a try!

Looking for something to put under your new wool cover?  How about the easy and affordable Organic One Size Flannelette Contour Diapers?  These organic contoured diapers have elasticized leg openings, are really soft, and dry quickly.  They also have nice long wings so, while you can pin or snappi these contours, they will also stay on just fine underneath your covers.

Imse Vimse Organic One Size Flannelette Contour Diapers come in a 4-pack.  Normally they're $46.95, but right now they are on sale for $29.95.  That is a $17.00 savings!  That is a big savings.  You really do not want to miss out on this one!

Imse Vimse Organic Cotton Diaper Covers are another affordable option even pre-sale prices for covering your contour diapers.  Normally $18.95, they are on sale for $12.95, which is a really great $6 savings.  The best thing about these covers is that they are so simple and easy to use, look adorable, and work.  Pair a few of these covers with a stash of contours of pre-folds, and you will have a great and affordable stash.  They have a cute cotton outer, and a waterproof PUL layer inside.  Their soft velcro closures make diaper changes easy.

Now something just for the mamas.  Imse Vimse Stay-Dry Nursing Pads come in a 6-pack.  They have an inner absorbent core of organic cotton, a top layer of fleece to keep you feeling dry, and a bottom layer of water-proof PUL to keep you leak-free.  For just $6.99 (normally $13.50), these nursing pads are way more economical (and comfortable) than disposable pads.  Stock up on two or three sets of pads, and you will be set for a couple of days at a time in between washes.  Once you've felt the comfort of re-usable nursing pads, you will never want to wear disposable nursing pads again.

There are several other great items on sale, so make sure you check out the Imse Vimse page for full details. Sale items have prices in red.  Make sure you don't miss out on this great sale because we may not carry Imse Vimse forever!

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