Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Where To Find The Best bumGenius Diaper Deals

Hey there all you bumGenius lovers!  Do you know where to find the best deals on bumGenius 4.0 pocket diapers?  Have you found a deal where you get freebies with your bumGenius diaper order?


Well, let me tell you all about how to get the most bang for your buck when you order bumGenius diapers.  Of course, we're going to start by shopping at Thanks Mama!  Now- whether you are in love with the new prints and want to add to your stash, or you are just starting to build one, Thanks Mama has some really amazing deals to help you stock up on bumGenius without breaking the bank.

Deal #1- Did you know that right now at Thanks Mama you can get a free bumGenius 4.0?  That's right, for a limited time you can buy 4 BumGenius 4.0 pocket diapers and get 1 4.0 free!  That is a pretty darn good deal, and it doesn't happen very often, so get 'em while the gettin's good ladies!

Deal #2- Starting a stash and need a whole bunch of bumGenius Freetime Diapers?  Maybe you want lots and lots of bumGenius Elemental Cloth Diapers.  Either way, Thanks Mama offers great bumGenius package deals.  You save money a few ways with the package deals.  Not only will you save a significant amount by buying a 12 pack of diapers over buying them individually, but you will also get a pair of bumGenius baby legs!  You know you want to accessorize those adorable diapers, mama!

Deal #3- Free shipping on orders over $60!  So you know how awesome deal #1 and deal #2 are? Well deal #3 just made them even better because you're going to get free shipping on those.  And free shipping is pretty darn great.

Deal #4- Rewards for shopping.  Now, who doesn't love to get rewards just for buying the stuff they need anyway?  Exactly-  everyone loves a good rewards program, and Thanks Mama has you covered!  For every dollar that you spend at Thanks Mama, you get one point in your account.  Once you've got 200 points in your account (not just from one shopping trip- don't worry, you can accumulate your points over several purchases) you can redeem them for $10 off your next order!  That is an amazing deal.  Get all the details here and start saving.

So let's recap and talk about combining all of those offers for maximum savings-

1.  Head on over to Thanks Mama and add a 12 pack of bumGenius to your cart.  You're already saving a significant amount over buying them individually, plus you're going to get a free pair of baby legs.

2.  You're also going to get free shipping because your 12 pack is more than $60.

3.  In fact, you're also going to get $10 off your next order if you cash in your points because your 12 pack of bumGenius puts you over that $200 mark.

4.  Sit back and enjoy the fact that you have just saved yourself a whole lot of money.  Good job,  Mama!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Flip Diapering System and Inserts

Flip Diapers are a really popular hybrid diapering option that can often bridge the gap between the full-time cloth diapering family, and the part-time cloth diapering family.  They're an affordable and adorable system that is super flexible and customizable, which make them a perfect diaper to have on hand for everything from daily use to family vacations where you may not have access to a washer and dryer.

If you've never heard of Flip Diapers, let me tell you about them!  They're made by BumGenius so you can find Flips in all the same amazing colors and prints as your favorite Freetime or Elemental, but they are much more adaptable.  The Flip cloth diaper system is a waterproof shell with flaps on the top and bottom of the cover that lets you easily tuck in the insert of your choice.

This is where Flips really shine.

There are so many options when it comes to Flip inserts that there really isn't a situation where you wouldn't be able to make Flips work for you.  If you are an Organic Cotton lover, you will be pleased to know that Flip Diapers make a 100% Oeko-Tex certified organic cotton insert that is both soft and absorbent.  If you only want natural fibers touching your baby's most sensitive skin, this is a perfect option for you.  You can also choose to use Organic Night Time Inserts for extra night-time absorbency.

A couple of things that you will need to know about Flip's organic cotton inserts-

-They are super soft!

-They are certified organic!  You don't need to worry about harsh chemicals or pesticides touching baby's sensitive skin.

-They are not stay-dry inserts.  What this means is that your baby will feel wetness once they've gone to the bathroom, but a lot of moms say that this seems to have helped their babies potty-learn much more quickly.  Once your child is old enough to realize that they feel wet once they pee, they will want to avoid that feeling.  That means you will have a toddler who will want to use the potty- which will hopefully mean less accidents and less reluctance to potty-learn!

-You can customize the absorbency of these inserts depending on how you fold them, allowing for a lot of flexibility.

For you mamas who prefer a stay-dry insert, Flip Diapers has you covered too!  Their Stay Dry Inserts are made of 3 layers of absorbent microfiber and a layer of soft suedecloth that will wick moisture away from your baby and keep them feeling nice and dry.  If you're using Flips with a newborn you can also find newborn stay dry inserts that will be the perfect size for your sweet new prince or princess, no folding necessary.

Let's recap a few things about Flip Diaper's Stay Dry Inserts-

-Soft suedecloth covers 3 layers of microfiber, keeping your baby dry while easily containing whatever your little one throws at it.

-Incredibly easy to lay inside of your Flip Diaper Cover, no folding needed.

-Also available in Newborn size inserts!

Now here is where Flip Diapers are different than most other diapering systems, and where you cloth diapering families can find an easy way to diaper your babies while you're on the road, moving, traveling, or just dealing with a sick baby and the kind of poops that you just don't really want to spray off of a cloth diaper (we've all been there, don't worry!).  Flip Diapers makes disposable inserts that fit into your Flip Diaper Cover!

Flip Disposable Inserts are Oeko-Tex certified to be free of harmful substances, so you don't have to spend your time fretting about what you might be putting up against your baby's bottom.  They also feature a fold-down rise that lets you get just the right fit no matter what size you have your baby's Flip Diaper Shell snapped to.  Flip Disposable Inserts are thin and absorbent, so you won't take up precious luggage space when you take your Flip system on vacation with you.

A few of my favorite things about Flip Disposable Inserts-

-Inserts are super thin, but very absorbent.  This makes them perfect for daily use, or just the occasional trip out of town.  Either way, they're not going to take up much room in your house, your suitcase, or your car.  Perfect to keep a few in your diaper bag in case of emergencies.

-Free of harmful substances.  No harsh chemicals or scary materials used here!

-Fold down sizing lets you get just the right fit, no matter the size of your baby.

-An easy and economical way to diaper your baby in those situations where you just can't use cloth.

The last Flip insert I want to tell you all about today is the Flip Potty Trainer Pads.  These Pads fit inside of the Flip Potty Trainer Shell and are made out of 6 layers of organic cotton jersey.  They attach to the inside of the Shell with hook and loop, and are very absorbent.

Flip Potty Trainer Pads are a great option for potty-training a toddler because-

-Inserts are easy to switch out after an accident.  Just detach the pad, wipe down the Shell, and pop in a new one.

-Flip Potty Trainer Pads are organic cotton, which helps your Toddler with potty-learning because it lets them feel when they are wet.

The Flip Diapering system truly is one of the most adaptable, easy to use systems out there today.  There is an insert to fit every situation and preference, and since you are able to use the shell for more than one diaper change, it makes it a very economical way to cloth diaper.  Or partially cloth diaper.  And that is the beauty of Flips.  You can make them work for you and your baby in any situation because they are so customizable.

Not to mention adorable.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

How to Wash Reusable Potty Training Pants

Is your baby sending you signals that they are ready to potty-learn?  Exciting day, Mama!  Of course- you might be a little sad that you won't be able to put your cute cloth diapers on them for much longer, but never fear, there are some adorable training pants out there to help both you and your baby transition out of diapers and into undies.  The great thing is- these training pants will help your baby feel wet so they will want to use the potty- but they'll also help contain the inevitable messes that go along with potty learning.  Luckily for you, there won't be a huge learning curve as far as cleaning and caring for your baby's reusable training pants.

Washable cloth training pants are a lot like cloth diapers, and you'll care for them in much the same way, which should make you feel relieved, because I bet by now you've gotten your washing routine down pat!  Most reusable potty pants have a waterproof layer of PUL to help keep messes in and an absorbent layer to help absorb most of any accidents.  Basically what that means is that you can stash your toddler's used cloth training pants in a wet bag for a couple of days and wash 15 to 20 at a time like you would with cloth diapers.

To start off your washing routine do a warm rinse with no detergent.  This will help remove as much pee and poop as possible before you add in your detergent.  The reason I recommend a warm wash if at all possible is because it will get any solids back to a more "body temperate" type state and lift off a little more effectively.  Don't worry about staining.  For the most part a warm wash isn't going to cause your toddler's training pants to stain, but if it does, a little time in the sun will fix that.  If you're using a trainer with snaps like Kissa's Pocket Training Pants, just unsnap them and lay them flat to sun them.  If they are pull up trainers like EcoPosh Recycled Organic Training Pants, just turn them inside out and stick them in the sun.

Once you've run the warm rinse (if you can't force your machine to do a warm rinse, cold is ok too), add your detergent and run them through a long cycle on cool with an extra rinse.  If they're super gross, warm is ok here too, but with PUL or TPU (the laminated waterproof cover) you just want to be careful that you don't use hot water.

I know there's always a big debate about how much detergent you should use when washing cloth diapers or cloth trainers, but here's my two cents-  use the recommended amount!  You're washing bodily waste- don't use less detergent than you'd use to clean a tomato sauce stain off of your t-shirt.  That being said- don't overload on the detergent either... too much can cause stink issues.  My advice is to use the minimum recommended amount and add to it if needed.  If your washable trainers still smell dirty out of the dryer, add a little more next time.  If they smell like detergent still out of the dryer, use a little less.  It can be a little bit of a trial and error process, but once you get into a routine that works for you you will know.

Once you've done a detergent cycle (don't forget to turn on the extra rinse!) I like to do a short wash cycle with no detergent.  I just want to make sure all of the detergent is fully rinsed out.  It doesn't take too much water and it doesn't take tons of extra time, but for my family (we have extremely hard water) that extra cycle is the difference between mostly clean diapers and potty training pants, and completely clean ones!  You might have perfect water and not need that extra rinse cycle, but if you find your trainers are starting to smell a little bit, try adding that in!

Lastly- hang your cloth trainers to dry, or put them in the dryer on low or no heat.  DO NOT USE FABRIC SOFTENER!  If you feel like it's taking forever to dry, or they're starting to feel a little crunchy, try some wool dryer balls.  Use somewhere between 4 to 6 dryer balls, they'll soften your toddlers washable trainers and help cut down on drying time!

Ok.  So let's recap.

1.  Don't let your washable trainers sit dirty in a wet bag for more than two or three days tops!  They will be super smelly if they sit longer than that!

2.  Run a warm rinse cycle with NO detergent

3.  Run your longest wash cycle with the recommended amount of detergent, making sure to turn on your washer's "extra rinse" option

4.  Do one last rinse cycle, NO detergent

5.  Dry!  Line dry, or in the dryer, either will work, just make sure you dry them on low heat, and never use fabric softener sheets!

Not so bad, right!?  So hopefully now you can feel confident that you can tackle using cloth training pants for your little guy or girl.  Stock up on some cute prints, try a few styles, and hold on to that cloth addiction for just a little longer!  So take a deep breath, prepare yourself for the inevitable accident or two (or thirty), work up your patience, and enjoy the fact that your baby is about to do something new and exciting!

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